Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo Shows Sandy Volunteers Feeding FEMA Workers


Bob said...

FEMA workers....


They're government people. They don't do work - physical labor of any degree. Physical labor is for the masses, the lower life forms they are forced to occasionally mingle with.

They're government people. Their expertise is in talking a good game, not actually doing anything.

They're government people. They expect to spend their lives in comfort-controlled offices, sitting behind a desk, networking on the internet.

They're government people. When forced out of their natural enviornment - the office - they require assistance at all levels, while resentment for their unwelcome discomfort reaches epic levels quickly.

They're government people. You can't expect them to do actual work, that might mess up those snazzy uniforms they wear.

They're government people. They just naturally expect someone else to provide the coffee and donuts. Ask one of them to make coffee and you have a sexual discrimination lawsuit on your hands.

They're government people. Leeches of the first magnitude, one cannot expect them to produce or accomplish anything other than more red tape and regulation.

They're govetnment people. They are government people because they have failed at everything else. They cannot compete or keep a job in the real world where the rest of us are.

Thet are goverement people. They can go fuck themselves instead of us for a change.

billy pilgrim said...

those fema guys look like they just smoked a reefer.

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