Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dream a Little Dream

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Skagway From the Train
Skagway - Noun: A path that ugly girls from the village must travel, generally away from main streets, usually back alleys, away from tourist areas. 

I was in the mountains, very lush and beautiful, it was a long way down to the stream below.
I leaned forward and started falling, it was a little scary at first, but I realized that I was in control.
(Dream control to a small extent.)
I slowed down and stopped in the air before I got to the stream.

 The dream suddenly changed, the way they do.

 Now I was in some sort of boarding school, in the cafeteria, people were going nuts.
Some of them had big knives and were stabbing people.
I wanted to help but it would be suicidal without a weapon.
 I ran to my room (apparently I lived there), unlocked a safe and was expecting to find some good guns.
(I was going to mess the people with knives up!)
To my surprise there was only one crappy little gun, (Post Obama gun grab?) the good ones had been stolen. (By the government?)
 I stuck the gun in my back pocket and was going to meet my fate less well armed than I had hoped to be.
 I decided to shoot a few of the knife wielding zombies(?), then I would have to switch to a knife myself.

 My alarm clock saved me from what was sure to be a gruesome experience.


diane said...

Geez, what did YOU eat before bed?

texlahoma said...

Diane -:)Good question. I think it was pork chops and I know it was followed by a few beers.
(A few, as in, the United States deficit is a few dollars.)

diane said...

ok the stabbing knives might have been gas from a combo of beer and pork.
I bought a wonderful tea from Yogi teas, it's a bedtime tea. They also make one called stomach ease, to aid digestion. They're both excellent before bed. You're supposed to drink some kind of water with alcohol anyway, to help your organs deal with it, and to keep you from getting dehydrated.

texlahoma said...

Diane - I should try some of that tea, a little more tea and a little less alcohol would probably be appreciated by my organs.

This makes me remember a Beverly Hillbillies episode, Granny is talking to a guy that quit drinking.

"Think of your poor old liver down there, just dying for a drink!"

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