Monday, March 31, 2008

Fred Garvin, male prostitute

Male Prostitute Strike Imminent?

Now there is a call for a fucker strike by 1,000 male prostitutes. Bush better pull his head out of his ass soon. A shut down would be catastrophic for the economy and like the fuckers have stated "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Victory in Nebraska

NEBRASKA: In a major victory for pot-law reformers, Legislative Bill 844 – which sought to recriminalize minor marijuana possession offenses in Nebraska — has been amended. Under current state law, first-time marijuana possession offenses are punishable by a non-criminal citation and a $100 fine. As introduced, LB 844 sought to impose a sentence of up to 90 days in jail for first-time marijuana offenders. As amended, the proposal would increase the maximum fine for pot possession to $300, but would not impose criminal sanctions. The bill now awaits action from full legislature.

CALIFORNIA: California’s Dale Gieringer submitted written testimony opposing Assembly Bill 2389, which seeks to require drug testing for recipients of certain state benefits or cash assistance. Gieringer will testify before the Committee on Human Services in opposition to the proposal at a legislative hearing on Tuesday, April 1. Gieringer will also testify at an upcoming hearing in support of AB 2279, which seeks to end state employment discrimination against qualified medical cannabis patients.

HAWAII: The House Judiciary this week passed an amended resolution (HCR 49) that seeks to allow for state-qualified farmers to provide medical cannabis to authorized patients. The Senate Judiciary is expected to vote imminently on a separate measure, House Bill 2675, which seeks to establish a legislative task force to study issues pertaining to the legal supply of medical marijuana for authorized patients.

Castro champions gay rights in Cuba

Last Updated: Thursday, 27 March 2008
There is a Castro who is fighting to introduce radical changes in Cuba.

A meeting of transvestites and transgender people in Havana
Transsexuals have a chance to meet at support group sessions

Not the new president, Raul, although he has promised to push through "structural and conceptual" changes to this communist island in the Caribbean.

It is Raul's daughter, Mariela Castro.

As head of the government-funded National Centre for Sex Education, she is trying to change people's attitudes towards minority groups in the community.

She is currently attempting to get the Cuban National Assembly to adopt what would be among the most liberal gay and transsexual rights law in Latin America.

The proposed legislation would recognise same-sex unions, along with inheritance rights. It would also give transsexuals the right to free sex-change operations and allow them to switch the gender on their ID cards, with or without surgery.

There are limits: adoption is not included in the bill and neither is the word marriage.

"A lot of homosexual couples asked me to not risk delaying getting the law passed by insisting on the word marriage," Mariela Castro said.

"In Cuba marriage is not as important as the family and at least this way we can guarantee the personal and inheritance rights of homosexuals and transsexuals."

She says that her father is supportive of her work, although he advises her to move slowly.

"I've seen changes in my father since I was a child. I saw him as macho and homophobic. But as I have grown and changed as a person, so I have seen him change."

Mariela's mother, the late Vilma Espin, was an internationally recognised champion of women's rights.

For Mariela, it is the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals that need fighting for.

Mariela Castro
In the early years of the revolution much of the world was homophobic. It was the same here in Cuba and led to acts which I consider unjust

Sunday, March 30, 2008

U.S. "Helps" 650,000 Iraqis Dead

"...just a few days ago, the Japanese observed the 62nd anniversary of the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by your nuclear weapons."

"And among the things which catch the eye of the one who considers the repercussions of your unjust war against Iraq is the failure of your democratic system, despite it raising of the slogans of justice, liberty, equality and humanitarianism. It has not only failed to achieve these things, it has actually destroyed these and other concepts with its weapons - especially in Iraq and Afghanistan- in a brazen fashion, to replace them with fear, destruction, killing, hunger, illness, displacement and more than a million orphans in Baghdad alone, not to mention hundreds of thousands of widows. Americans statistics speak of the killing of more than 650,000 of the people of Iraq as a result of the war and its repercussions."

"People of America: the world is following your news in regards to your invasion of Iraq, for people have recently come to know that, after several years of the tragedies of this war, the vast majority of you want it stopped. Thus, you elected the Democratic Party for this purpose, but the Democrats haven't made a move worth mentioning. On the contrary, they continue to agree to the spending of tens of billions to continue the killing and war there, which has led to the vast majority of you being afflicted with disappointment."

"And here is the gist of the matter, so one should pause, think and reflect: why have the Democrats failed to stop this war, despite them being the majority?"

"I will come back to reply to this question after raising another question, which is:"

"Why are the leaders of the White House keen to start wars and wage them around the world, and make use of every possible opportunity through which they can reach this purpose, occasionally even creating justifications based on deception and blatant lies, as you saw Iraq?"

"In the Vietnam War, the leaders of the White House claimed at the time that it was a necessary and crucial war, and during it, Rumsfeld and his aides murdered two million villagers. And when Kennedy took over the presidency and deviated from the general line of policy drawn up for the White House and wanted to stop this unjust war, that angered the owners of the major corporations who were benefiting from its continuation."

"And so Kennedy was killed, and al-Qaida wasn’t present at that time, but rather, those corporations were the primary beneficiary from his killing. And the war continued after that for approximately one decade. But after it became clear to you that it was an unjust and unnecessary war, you made one of your greatest mistakes, in that you neither brought to account nor punished those who waged this war, not even the most violent of its murderers, Rumsfeld. And even more incredible than that is that Bush picked him as secretary of defense in his first term after picking Cheney as his vice president, Powell as secretary of state and Armitage as Powell's deputy, despite their horrific and blood history of murdering humans. So that was clear signal that his administration - the administration of the generals- didn't have as its main concern the serving of humanity, but rather, was interested in bringing about new massacres. Yet in spite of that, you permitted Bush to complete his first term, and stranger still, chose him for a second term, which gave him a clear mandate from you - with your full knowledge and consent- to continue to murder our people in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Then you claim to be innocent! This innocence of yours is like my innocence of the blood of your sons on the 11th - were I to claim such a thing. But it is impossible for me to humor any of you in the arrogance and indifference you show for the lives of humans outside America, or for me to humor your leaders in their lying, as the entire world knows they have the lion's share of that. These morals aren't our morals. What I want to emphasize here is that not taking past war criminals to account led to them repeating that crime of killing humanity without right and waging this unjust war in Mesopotamia, and as a result, here are the oppressed ones today continuing to take their right from you."

"This war was entirely unnecessary, as testified to by your own reports. And among the most capable of those from your own side who speak to you on this topic and on the manufacturing of public opinion is Noam Chomsky, who spoke sober words of advice prior to the war, but the leader of Texas doesn't like those who give advice. The entire world came out in unprecedented demonstrations to warn against waging the war and describe its true nature in eloquent terms like "no to spilling red blood for black oil," yet he paid them no heed. It is time for humankind to know that talk of the rights of man and freedom are lies produced by the White House and its allies in Europe to deceive humans, take control of their destinies and subjugate them. "

"So in answer to the question about the causes of the Democrats' failure to stop the war, I say: they are the same reasons which led to the failure of former president Kennedy to stop the Vietnam war. Those with real power and influence are those with the most capital. And since the democratic system permits major corporations to back candidates, be they presidential or congressional, there shouldn't be any cause for astonishment - and there isn't any- in the Democrats' failure to stop the war. And you're the ones who have the saying which goes, "Money talks." And I tell you: after the failure of your representatives in the Democratic Party to implement your desire to stop the war, you can still carry anti-war placards and spread out in the streets of major cities, then go back to your homes, but that will be of no use and will lead to the prolonging of the war."

"However, there are two solutions for stopping it. The first is from our side, and it is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against you. This is our duty, and our brothers are carrying it out, and I ask Allah to grant them resolve and victory. And the second solution is from your side. It has now become clear to you and the entire world the impotence of the democratic system and how it plays with the interests of the peoples and their blood by sacrificing soldiers and populations to achieve the interests of the major corporations."

"And with that, it has become clear to all that they are the real tyrannical terrorists. In fact, the life of all of mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories of the major corporations, yet despite that, the representative of these corporations in the White House insists on not observing the Kyoto accord, with the knowledge that the statistic speaks of the death and displacement of the millions of human beings because of that, especially in Africa. This greatest of plagues and most dangerous of threats to the lives of humans is taking place in an accelerating fashion as the world is being dominated by the democratic system, which confirms its massive failure to protect humans and their interests from the greed and avarice of the major corporations and their representatives."

"And despite this brazen attack on the people, the leaders of the West - especially Bush, Blair, Sarkozy and Brown- still talk about freedom and human rights with a flagrant disregard for the intellects of human beings. So is there a form of terrorism stronger, clearer and more dangerous than this? This is why I tell you: as you liberated yourselves before from the slavery of monks, kings, and feudalism, you should liberate yourselves from the deception, shackles and attrition of the capitalist system."

"If you were to ponder it well, you would find that in the end, it is a system harsher and fiercer than your systems in the Middle Ages. The capitalist system seeks to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of the major corporations under the label of "globalization" in order to protect democracy."

"And Iraq and Afghanistan and their tragedies; and the reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real estate mortgages; global warming and its woes; and the abject poverty and tragic hunger in Africa: all of this is but one side of the grim face of this global system."

"So it is imperative that you free yourselves from all of that and search for an alternative, upright methodology in which it is not the business of any class of humanity to lay down its own laws to its own advantage at the expense of the other classes as is the case with you, since the essence of man-made positive laws is that they serve the interests of those with the capital and thus make the rich richer and the poor poorer."

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oklahoma Earth Hour

I was gonna turn our light out for an hour but the string broke.


Basic Tarot Story

On the bleak landscape where the Tower stood, the Fool sits, empty, despairing. He hoped to find himself on this spiritual journey, but now he feels he's lost everything, even himself. Sitting on the cold stones, he gazes up at the night sky wondering what's left. And that is when he notices, nearby, a beautiful girl with two water urns. As he watches, she kneels by a pool of water illuminated with reflected starlight. She empties the urns, one into the pool, one onto the thirsty ground.

"What are you doing," he asks her. She looks up at him, her eyes twinkling like stars. "I am refilling this pool, so that those who are thirsty may drink, and I am also watering the earth so that, come spring, the seeds will grow," she tells him. And then she adds, "Come. Drink." The Fool comes to kneel with her by the pool and drink. The water tastes wonderful, like liquid starlight. "I can see you are sad," the girl continues, "and I know why. But you must remember that you have not lost all. Knowledge, possibilities, hope, you still have all of these. Like stars, they can lead you to a new future." Even as she says this, she began to fade away, like dew, vanishing. All that remains is a gleam that was at the center of her forehead. This rises up and up, until it settles in the night sky as a shining star. "Follow your star," the woman's voice seems to sing from that light, "and have hope." The Fool takes in a breath and rises. It is a dark night, a desolate land. But for the first time, he has a guiding light to show him the way. Distant as it is, it heals his heart, and restores his faith.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stormy Weather

Stronger Solar Storms Predicted; Blackouts May Result

John Roach
for National Geographic News
March 7, 2006

The next 11-year solar storm cycle should be significantly stronger than the current one, which may mean big problems for power grids and GPS systems and other satellite-enabled technology, scientists announced today.

The stronger solar storms could start as early as this year or as late as 2008 and should peak around 2012.

"We predict the next solar cycle will be 30 to 50 percent stronger than the last cycle," said Mausumi Dikpati, a solar scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, yesterday in a telephone briefing with reporters.

The last cycle peaked in 2001.

A new technique enabled the scientists to better predict the severity of the next cycle. The technique, called helioseismology, allows researchers to "see" inside the sun by tracing sound waves reverberating inside the sun—creating a picture of the interior like ultrasound creates a picture of an unborn baby.

"For the first time we can predict the strength of the 11-year solar activity cycle using computer simulations of the sun's physics," Dikpati said.

Storms in the Sun

Solar storms are linked to twisted magnetic fields in the sun that suddenly snap and release tremendous amounts of energy. The storms can disrupt satellite communications, cause power outages, and expose astronauts to high amounts of radiation.

Predicting space weather is becoming more important as more people rely on technology that solar storms can disrupt, according to Richard Behnke, director of upper atmosphere research with the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia.

"This prediction of an active solar cycle suggests we are potentially looking at more communication and navigation disruptions, more satellite failures, possible disruption of electric grids and blackouts, more dangerous conditions for astronauts—all these things," Behnke said during the briefing. Solar storms tend to occur near sunspots, cool regions on the sun's surface that appear as dark blotches. Scientists believe the spots result from concentrated magnetic fields inside the sun.

The number and intensity of sunspots fluctuates over time, reaching a peak about every 11 years. This 11-year pattern is known as the solar cycle.

Joseph Kunches, chief of the forecast and analysis branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Environment Center in Boulder, equated the space weather forecast to the annual hurricane forecast.

"The kinds of questions that are posed to hurricane forecasters also come to us in terms of space weather," he told reporters.

"When is the next cycle going to start? How strong will it be? When will it quiet down? And compared to, say, the last [cycle in] recent memory, what are the effects going to be?"

Stormy Forecast

The new forecast draws on new understanding of how plasma currents in the sun's interior generate sunspots and the related solar storms. These plasma flows transport, concentrate, and help spread out solar magnetic fields.

Two major plasma flows govern the cycle, the researchers said.

The first, known as the meridional flow pattern, circulates between the sun's equator and its poles over a period of 17 to 22 years and acts like a conveyor belt of sunspots. The flow transports imprints of sunspots that occurred over the previous two sunspot cycles.

This imprint is carried into the interior, where scientists believe the sunspot-producing magnetic fields are generated. New sunspots form based on the imprints created during the most recent cycle.

The second flow results from the sun rotating faster at the equator than it does near the poles. This periodically concentrates the solar magnetic field at the equator, leading to peaks in solar storm activity, the researchers said.

The team expects the next cycle to begin in late 2007 or early 2008, which is about 6 to 12 months later than the cycle would normally start. The researchers' model shows the plasma circulation has slowed down during the current cycle.

David Hathaway, a solar astronomer with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, said that models used by him and his colleagues to predict the next solar cycle agree with the greater activity predicted by Dikpati's model.

But Hathaway differs on the timing.

According to Hathaway's team's analysis of past solar cycles, intense cycles are preceded by shorter cycles. This would suggest that the next cycle will start by the end of this year or early next year.

"At this point, we are anxiously awaiting the appearance of those first spots from the new cycle," Hathaway said at the briefing.

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Do You Remember the Truth?

My Dangerous Trip to Bosnia

(Special thanks to Hillary for helping me write this.)

Our plane had to corkscrew in, lots of enemy sniper fire but somehow we landed safely. It was me, a guard dog and my driver in war torn Bosnia. The enemy kept popping up in the least expected places. The good lord must have been on our side that day because we made it through forty seven surprise attacks one of them involving twelve motorcycle riders armed with machine guns! Without a doubt the most harrowing experience I've ever lived through.

Below is the only known video of the events of that day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Shipping Question

Companies like UPS charge for shipping based on the weight of the package. If I ship a bunch of already filled helium balloons in a container so light that the package floats, shouldn't they have to pay me?

Wanda Sykes

Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's Go Sky Pony!

In 1995 I bought a water heater and put it in my house. It still heats water fine but when you turn on the hot water, it comes out fast the first few seconds then it slows down to a trickle. I think it's full of sediment like calcium and lime. I tried backwashing it, made a lot of noise but it didn't help. I guess it's time to get another one, 13 years isn't bad. The name of the tank is Service Star, my tooth brush is named Sky Pony.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider

Our understanding of the Universe is about to change...

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a gigantic scientific instrument near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France about 100 m underground. It is a particle accelerator used by physicists to study the smallest known particles – the fundamental building blocks of all things. It will revolutionise our understanding, from the miniscule world deep within atoms to the vastness of the Universe.

Two beams of subatomic particles called 'hadrons' – either protons or lead ions – will travel in opposite directions inside the circular accelerator, gaining energy with every lap. Physicists will use the LHC to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang, by colliding the two beams head-on at very high energy. Teams of physicists from around the world will analyse the particles created in the collisions using special detectors in a number of experiments dedicated to the LHC.

There are many theories as to what will result from these collisions, but what's for sure is that a brave new world of physics will emerge from the new accelerator, as knowledge in particle physics goes on to describe the workings of the Universe. For decades, the Standard Model of particle physics has served physicists well as a means of understanding the fundamental laws of Nature, but it does not tell the whole story. Only experimental data using the higher energies reached by the LHC can push knowledge forward, challenging those who seek confirmation of established knowledge, and those who dare to dream beyond the paradigm.

Large Hardon Collider to Open This Year

The Large Hardon Collider (LHC), the biggest gay bar ever seen, is nearing completion and is scheduled to start operating this year.

Ellen on to speak

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Dream Question

I was sitting at the kitchen table a few minutes ago and I started remembering a dream that I had last night. There was an old classic convertible and it was parked by a barn, under a tree and was facing South. I thought to myself "That's weird, to be aware of directions in a dream." So I started remembering dreams from the past, I think in everyone I could tell you which way was North, South, East and West.

When you dream (or remember a dream) are you aware of directions?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How to write a bad letter to the editor

August 22, 2007 – 1:44 pm | Also posted in Bad Ideas, Media

I just needed to get this off my chest.

1. Start off by guessing that the newspaper won’t run your letter, or “daring” them to do so. Spend at least a few paragraphs discussing the newspaper’s lack of balls and the reasons behind their future decision not to publish your letter.
2. Insult the newspaper liberally without giving any reasonings behind your blanket statements. Say the paper is stupid and that you’re smarter than them. Conclude that their declining circulation numbers are a direct result of their extreme political views and their decision to silence dissent.
3. Make liberal use of the cut-and-paste quote. Make sure the quotes are at least 300 words long, that they’re well-known by everyone, that they’re from someone like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy or Mother Theresa. Also be sure they have no direct relevance to the point of your letter.
4. Use quotes around words with unambiguous definitions.
6. Never actually get to the point of your letter. Instead, repeat steps 1 to 3 for at least 3,000 words and then call it a day.
7. Demand that the letter be printed as an opinion piece instead of a letter and that no editing be performed on it, even to fix spelling or formatting.
8. Use thinly-veiled threats of violence to get your point across.
9. Lace the entire letter with vulgar profanity.
10. Use excess verbiage like “I’d like to draw you to the fact that” which hike up the word count but add nothing useful.
11. Use metaphor without making it clear what the metaphor is supposed to represent.
12. Add in a bunch of paragraphs of PhD thesis-ese that uses words and concepts nobody but people highly-schooled in the subject understand. Assume everyone has spent years studying the issue and does not need to be brought up to speed on the basics.
13. Make grammatical errors so egregious the sentences lose all meaning. Those that are correct should be run-on sentences which require minutes to parse into something meaningful.
14. Write the letter in response to someone who was responding to a letter of yours, just to correct minor irrelevant points or make ad hominem attacks instead of dealing with the actual argument.
15. Abruptly change the subject halfway through and discuss something entirely different.
16. Invent your own credentials. Make yourself an expert in this field and imply that nobody knows as much as you do.
17. Invent facts to support your case. Say 99% of people do something based solely on a guess. Use paranoid conspiracy theories as the basis for your arguments.
18. Use opinion pieces by advocacy groups as if they were objective sources of facts. Take their word for everything they say, even if it’s self-serving and unsourced. Reference it in a way that hides the fact that this is a text from an advocacy group.
19. Use footnotes with MLA-style references, even if the paper has never used footnotes before.
20. Say that you’re writing on behalf of a group and add 30 of your friends’ names to the end of the letter. Demand that all the names be published.
21. After the next issue comes out, even if it’s only hours after you sent your letter, assume they will never print it and start an email campaign accusing the paper of silencing you. Immediately send another letter admonishing them for not printing your previous one as if they’re actually going to print the second and not the first.
22. Mention that you’re sending the exact same letter to dozens of other newspapers (list them all by name).
23. Forget to include your name or any other information on who you are or how to contact you.
24. Send dozens of letters every week. Demand the newspaper publish them all.
25. BONUS: If the newspaper points out that they don’t have enough space to publish all of your letters, much less your letters and those of everyone like you, suggest they start adding pages or cutting other sections of the paper to make more room for letters.

Just use these simple steps, and you’re guaranteed* to get results.

*Not guaranteed

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Obama on Gay Rights

My Kind of Girl

Cotillard's 9/11 Comments Echo Widely-Respected Experts, Public Opinion
Attack dog media attempts to isolate and ridicule French actress by hiding the fact that hundreds of other widely respected experts, as well as the majority of the public, agree with her

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, March 3, 2008

A smear campaign against Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard is now in full swing, with the establishment media attempting to hide the fact that her comments about 9/11 echo the sentiment of hundreds of widely-respected intelligence and scientific experts in addition to public opinion.

Cotillard's statements about the suspicious collapse of the WTC buildings mirror those of a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence veteran.

In February 2007, 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert Steele went on record as saying that, "Dick Cheney saw this as a gift of heaven, and organized the 9-11 exercises so as to have complete operational control of the U.S. government, and he "let it happen."

Steele also directly accused WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein of having advance knowledge of the attacks and rigging the WTC towers and Building 7 with demolition charges, "In order to clear the area for rebuilding and get the $7 billion in insurance money."Marion Cotillard basically echoed Steele's sentiment when she stated, "It (the WTC complex) was a money-sucker because they were finished, it seems to me, by 1973, and to re-cable all that, to bring up-to-date all the technology and everything, it was a lot more expensive, that work, than destroying them."

By dredging up statements made by Cotillard over 12 months ago, the spin doctors had hoped to isolate and ridicule the actress and make an example out of her while debunking 9/11 truth at a point in time where the official story holds about as much credibility as a used car salesman.

But the move will undoubtedly backfire because the establishment has failed to account for the fact that the majority of Americans and indeed global citizens doubt the official 9/11 story.

An October 2006 New York Times/CBS poll found that a paltry 16% of Americans thought the government was telling the truth about 9/11 and the intelligence prior to the attacks, meaning 84% doubted the accuracy of the official story.

A May 2006 Zogby poll found that over 70 million Americans supported a new investigation into 9/11 and less than half of the American public trusted the official 9/11 story or believed the attacks were adequately investigated. The figure supporting a new investigation rose to 51% of Americans in a September 2007 poll.

In addition, the same poll found that 67% also faulted the 9/11 Commission for not investigating anomalous collapse of World Trade Center 7.

As far back as August 2004, another Zogby poll established the fact that half of New Yorkers believe there was government complicity in 9/11.

The media is attempting to smear Cotillard as an anti-American French nutcase by making out that doubting the official 9/11 story is some kind of poisoned chalice and tantamount to holocaust denial. The fact is that the 9/11 cover-up is so out in the open that most people with two brain cells to rub together know it's a con.

Cotillard is not going off on a mad tangent and endangering her career, she is merely saying what the majority of other people think.

Newspaper Fakes Story Of Actress' "Apology" Over 9/11 Comments
Despite hyperbole and media-contrived "anger" after statements, Cotillard will not apologize for expressing viewpoint held by majority of Americans

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, March 3, 2008

Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard has refused to yield to a non-existent media-manufactured "outrage" and recant her comments about 9/11, as some newspapers falsely claim that she has "apologized" for discussing the collapse of the WTC complex and sharing doubts about the official story held by the majority of Americans.

Under the headline, Marion Cotillard U-turns on 9/11 conspiracy, the London Telegraph claims that the French actress has been, "Forced into an embarrassing climb-down after accusing America of fabricating the 9/11 attacks."

In actual fact, Cotillard merely said that she regretted the fact that the comments had been taken out of context by the media, and in a London Times report re-affirms her original statements.

"The actress's agent, Bastien Duval, told The Times that Cotillard, who charmed the crowd with her emotional acceptance speech after winning her Oscar, was "still in shock" at the angry reaction to her comments in the United States," reads the report.

But the newspaper fails to point out where such anger is being expressed aside from Internet comments made by New York Post readers - a notorious Neo-Con rag read by a combination of unsophisticated meat-heads and vacuum-headed celebrity gossip junkies.

Duval also told The Times, "She hopes that the Americans will have enough distance to understand, but her career is not just American. She can make films everywhere."

Which is basically a big "f**k you" to the media-generated controversy about comments made a year ago, and a response to the holier-than-thou attitude of the minority who still cling on to the fairy tale of the official government version of 9/11.

For the Telegraph to claim that Cotillard "apologized" and backed down on her stance is a completely manufactured story. They have cherry picked and cropped a segment of a quote about the media taking things out of context and, low and behold, taken it out of context!

The establishment tried a similar dirty trick a year after Charlie Sheen went public on his 9/11 doubts - making it appear as if he had recanted when in actual fact he stood by his position all along.

To re-iterate, the fact that Cotillard expressed a sentiment that is shared by the majority of Americans, along with hundreds of intelligence experts, former Presidents and the Parliaments of major countries, does not make for a controversy - it only highlights how contrived this whole spectacle really is - and how dumb the smear machine is for failing to employ a crude debunking tactic and succeeding only in placing 9/11 truth back in the public arena.


Mattel Tommy Burst Detective Set

Land of the Incarcerated

1 In 100 Americans Behind Bars, Report Says

For the first time in U.S. history, more than one of every 100 adults is in jail or prison, according to a new report documenting America’s rank as the world’s No. 1 incarcerator. It urges states to curtail corrections spending by placing fewer low-risk offenders behind bars.

Using state-by-state data, the report says 2,319,258 Americans were in jail or prison at the start of 2008 — one out of every 99.1 adults. Whether per capita or in raw numbers, it’s more than any other nation.

The report, released Thursday by the Pew Center on the States, said the 50 states spent more than $49 billion on corrections last year, up from less than $11 billion 20 years earlier. The rate of increase for prison costs was six times greater than for higher education spending, the report said.
Here's what we should do: Legalize all drugs, tax and regulate them just like alcohol. Get rid of victim-less crimes. If we did that then it would be mostly
"Bad Guys" in prison. There would still have to be traffic laws and laws to protect minors and things to be worked out but if we did these things, maybe America could really be The Land of the Free once again.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Busy Shaving

I've been too busy to blog. I decided to shave my beard since the writers strike is over, damn that was a long strike. I fell asleep watching tv yesterday and started having a dream. A lady was talking to me but when I listened to her I said "Lady you don't sound like you're talking to me, you sound like you're on a commercial!" I woke up right then and sure enough, she was on tv on a commercial. So that was kind of weird. I've got a couple of days off now so maybe I can catch up on the blogging thing.

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