Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bob's Big Adventure

Sonny Boy got a job in a different town, got tiered of commuting and moved closer to his job. Bob is technically his dog so he went with him. Sonny's landlord warned him that the old renters might try to come back and get some stuff that they left behind.
The locks were changed and Bob was going to stay in the house while Sonny was at work.
When Sonny got home, Bob was sitting on the front porch, not locked inside like he should have been. A window had been broken out and opened but nothing was missing. I guess whoever it was broke out the window, opened it and then met Bob. I suspect
they not only met Bob but were chased by Bob since he was on the outside of the house.
(Sonny noticed Bob chewing on something, it was a human toe! So, Sonny, being a responsible adult, immediately called a toe truck!) (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Sonny had to tell the landlord what happened, because of the window. The house was rented as NO PETS so Bob had to come back home, which made me happy. Bob still gets to visit Sonny's house on weekends, it's kind of like child custody!
(This is a true story except for the toe part.)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

$10 billion per month spent on Iraq

This morning, the Senate didn't pass an exit strategy for Iraq. They didn't pass a bill to cover millions of uninsured Americans or combat the climate crisis. Instead they condemned

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Rosie, what happened to your hand?"

Among the hot topics that Rosie delves into is her painful childhood secret. She writes that as a child, she used to break her own limbs with "a baseball bat" or a "wooden hanger."

On page 186, it reads: "My hands and fingers usually. No one knew. My secret." Why? "Proof," she writes, "that I had some value, enough to be fixed." And later, Rosie cryptically adds, "There were many benefits to having a cast. In the middle of the night, it was a weapon."

Okay, poor little Rosie, no wonder she's such a screwed up adult.

But here is the puzzling part, she says "There were many benefits to having a cast. In the middle of the night, it was a weapon."
So Rosie obviously knows the value of having some kind of weapon to protect yourself with.
So why is she so anti-gun? Seems to me she would be a big time gun owner and gun rights activist. I mean if being in your room feeling defenseless is bad then why isn't being in your house feeling defenseless also bad?
Maybe we should all get casts on our hands to defend our homes with.

"Wake up!" "I think someone is breaking in!"
"Don't worry dear, I have a cast on my hand."

Saturday, September 15, 2007



He Quit

I was recalling the time a guy quit work.

He goes to the office and tells them unemotionally, "I quit."

They thought he was kidding at first, I guess because it was just so out of the blue.

Then they said something like "Well thanks for the notice!" in a hateful tone.

He replied "Well, it was the same amount of notice you would have given me!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Whores

Glenn Dale, Maryland - (Bare Ass Mess): A Glenn Dale Elementary School's fifth graders were amused to find that a long-promised treat of a DVD classroom showing turned out to be the seminal porno-flick Star Whores and not, as their teacher expected, the George Lucas Hollywood blockbuster Star Wars.

Teachers at the Prince George's County school were at a loss for words to explain how the DVD of the acclaimed sci-fi film that they inserted into a laptop suddenly translated itself into the porn movie industry's runaway all-time runaway winner.

School authorities have now blamed a projector glitch which resulted in the fifth graders watching the opening sequences of the porno-flick's Sylvie Crystal, star of Deep Throat, Deeper Throat, Emmanuelle and Deep Throat Revisited plying her trade with a live gorilla.

15 seconds of pornography
not that much to you and me
the sharks smell blood
and they're circling
if we don't win
it won't cost you a thing


Nobody says

"When I grow up, I want to be a total bitch."

Nevertheless, the world is full of them.

Help stop Total Bitch Syndrome (TBS) before it starts.

Parents, nurture your daughter's sense of humor.

If you think that you may be suffering from TBS or know someone who is

Please call 1-800-NOBITCH residents of Georgia call STOPITBITCH

Residents of Arkansas just holler real loud.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Doors - L A Woman

Bob Yanked

What a day.
Everything at work went pretty well, that should have been a warning sign but I paid it no heed. About 4:30 one of Sonny's friends showed up at work. He had gone by the house and saw Bob out front, by himself. So he hooked Bob to a cable and hooked the other end to a water faucet. Then guess what happened. Yep, Bob yanked the faucet, pipe and all out of the ground.
So what you've got there is a pit bull mastiff hooked to a cable that is hooked to a faucet and pipe laying on the ground that is hooked to the water hose.
So now I'm sitting here waiting for two hours to go by.
The PVC glue should be dry by then and I can finally take a shower.
What a day.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ball Cock

Male, female, tongue and groove, nipples, butt joint, ball cock and many more.
I've always thought that a bunch of sex starved old men made up the names of things found in lumber yards and hardware stores.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Debate

Ron Paul Wins Debate but Republicans Won't Gamble on Him

Ron Paul clearly won the Republican presidential debate last night held in New Hampshire. Viewers were asked to text in their thoughts on who won the debate, Ron Paul received 34%, Giuliani 17%, all others lower. Fred Thompson who did not appear at the debate was clearly the largest loser as his pro-war stance and republican hard line talking points seem to be not what the people are looking for.

Sean Hannity, Fox News pundit, was clearly upset with the results and deliberately ridiculed Congressman Ron Paul. Although outpacing all other candidates by a 2-1 margin, it was clear that Chris Wallace and Brit Hume had tones of sarcasm when talking of Ron Paul. Giving absolutely no credence to Cong. Paul's responses, they even cut off his answer in a heated exchange between Paul and Huckabee, then declaring that Huckabee won the debate on that point.

Ron Paul demonstrated last night that he is the only Republican candidate that gives any thought to issues and his answers, all others gave stock replies and mostly followed the party line.

If republicans have any hope of showing they have a chance in the 2008 presidential election by presenting a candidate that truly cares about America and has vision for the future, Ron Paul is their only choice.

With all the spin that went on at Fox News regarding this debate, it is clear that conservative right wingers do not want Paul in the race. He is the only republican candidate that appears to be truthful, insightful, and has clear vision. He blames the neocons for hijacking the republican party, changing the US from a country that others wanted to emulate, to one that is hated and feared.

With Mike Huckabee receiving only 15% of viewer support, Fox declared him the victor, regardless that their own poll showed Paul with 34%.

Giuliani, Romney, Tancredo and the others proved last night that they are not free thinkers and are clearly trying to garner the support of Bush's supportive base.

As republicans are seeking to find someone that might be able to stand up to Hillary, Barrack, or John, they are most certainly destroying their only chance, their only hope of even having a decent showing in 2008 by ripping apart the only contender that can reach across party lines and offer a real competition.

Ron Paul is demonstrating to the moderates and independents that he is the candidate of choice, there is no spin from Ron Paul, he calls it as he sees it and his ideals are similar to most true Americans.

September 6, 2007
Posted By Terry Goodwin
Staff Editor,
I watched the Republican debate last night. I expected to see a bunch of tiered ideas and support for policies that just don't work. That is exactly what I saw, with one exception, Ron Paul.

Rep. Ron Paaul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. AP photo by Jim Cole.

by Frank James

For anyone who wants a good recap of last night's Republican presidential debate from Durham, N.H., Fox News Channel has a very good summary on its web site with some Fred Thompson coverage thrown in.

Many were calling Sen. John McCain the debate's winner. It wasn't the first time he's been declared the winner of a debate. It hasn't helped him improve his standing in the past and it probably won't this time either.

The debate's highlight was didn't even feature McCain prominently. Instead, it was when Rep. Ron Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee commenced to wailing on each over the Iraq War.

The shots the men threw at each other were so hard and riveting that at one point they seemed the only two candidates on the stage, an illusion that was furthered by a camera angle that captured the both of them in the heated moment.

The fireworks were set off by Chris Wallace, who asked the isolationist Paul a question that led to Paul delivering an answer that sounded to many in the Republican audience as though he were blaming the U.S. for the 9/11 attacks, a position anathema to many Americans, even beyond the Republican base.

MR. WALLACE: Congressman Paul -- (interrupted by cheers, applause) -- Congressman Paul, your position on the war is pretty simple: Get out. What about, though, trying to minimize the bloodbath that would certainly occur if we pull out in a hurry? What about protecting the thousands of Iraqis who have staked their lives in backing the U.S.? And would you leave troops in the region to take out any al Qaeda camps that are developed after we leave?

REP. PAUL: The people who say there will be a bloodbath are the ones who said it would be a cakewalk, it would be slam dunk, and that it would be paid for by oil. Why believe them? They've been wrong on everything they've said. Why not ask the people -- (interrupted by cheers) -- why not ask the people who advise not to go into the region and into the war? The war has not gone well one bit.

Yes, I would leave, I would leave completely. Why leave the troops in the region? The fact that we had troops in Saudi Arabia was one of the three reasons given for the attack on 9/11. So why leave them in the region? They don't want our troops on the Arabian Peninsula. We have no need for our national security to have troops on the Arabian Peninsula, and going into Iraq and Afghanistan and threatening Iran is the worst thing we can do for our national security.

I am less safe, the American people are less safe for this. It's the policy that is wrong. Tactical movements and shifting troops around and taking in 30 more and reducing by five, totally irrelevant. We need a new foreign policy that said we ought to mind our own business, bring our troops home, defend this country, defend -- (bell sounds) -- our borders --

MR. WALLACE: So if --

(Interrupted by cheers, applause.)

MR. WALLACE: So, Congressman Paul, and I'd like you to take 30 seconds to answer this, you're basically saying that we should take our marching orders from al Qaeda? If they want us off the Arabian Peninsula, we should leave? (Laughter.)

REP. PAUL: No! (Cheers, applause.) I'm saying -- (laughter) -- I'm saying we should take our marching orders from our Constitution. We should not go to war -- (cheers, applause) -- we should not go to war without a declaration. We should not go to war when it's an aggressive war. This is an aggressive invasion. We've committed the invasion of this war, and it's illegal under international law. That's where I take my marching orders, not from any enemy. (Cheers, boos.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Stuff

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Getting caught with a little marijuana in Texas may not mean automatic arrest — at least not anymore. Starting September 1, police officers will have the discretion to let people caught with four ounces or less get off with a citation and a court date — instead of being booked. ..… "It would actually make the most sense not to cite anyone for marijuana and not put them in jail or fine them at all — it should be legal," said [MPP executive director Rob] Kampia. "However, this is a step in the right direction." (August 24, 2007)

US Senator Barack Obama became the latest Democratic presidential candidate to say … he would end raids from federal law enforcement agencies against those who use medical marijuana in the dozen states where it is legal … now all 2008 Democratic presidential candidates have agreed to stop raids … (August 22, 2007)


He keeps on grabbing
and looking
and staring at the clock
but it keeps on rolling
and going
it's never going to stop
he keeps on crying
and trying
and reaching for the top
but he'll never be able
to stop
that tic-toc-ticity-toc

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fox News followed by Iran Deprograming

Wow, after watching Fox News I thought the people of Iran would be monsters!

But they seem a lot like you and me.

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