Thursday, September 15, 2011

Obama Donates Nobel Peace Prize Money To War Efforts


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has announced which groups will get the $1.4 million he received for winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama said Thursday that $250,000 will go to U.S. military for drone attacks in Pakistan.American drones killed 2,200 civilians in Pakistan, including 168 children

He will give another $200,000 to Al qaeda to help fund the beheading of blacks in Libya. former-congressman-i-saw-nato-troops-behead-libyans

Another $200,000 will go to buy guns for drug gangs in Mexico because of the shut down of Operation Gun Walker and Fast and Furious.


Ted Amadeus said...

Fake, but accurate.

texlahoma said...

Ted - Yeah, basically what he's doing, just not with his personal money, he's using our money.

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