Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The T.P.S. of America

(Sometime in the future.)

The United States of America was divided into two separate countries. The Tea Party movement became so large and powerful that the globalist politicians could see the writing on the wall, either divide the country into two parts and retain some power or lose all power.

The Tea Party States returned to the constitution and the bill of rights as a cornerstone to laws. Most prisoners were released, only those convicted of Non-victimless crimes remained incarcerated.

A trip to the airport in the T.P.S. (Tea Part States) was like a trip back in time to the pre-911 days. An x-ray of your luggage, stepping through a metal detector and the occasional bomb sniffing dog was all passengers had to put up with.

In the Non-T.P.S. a trip to the airport was a nightmare. Mandatory scanner (now largely referred to as Scanncers) and pat down, which could include a body crevice search, especially if one of the TSA finds you attractive.

Guns are now completely illegal in the Non-TPS and their prisons are overflowing.
Scancers are mobile and stronger than ever, they can even see you inside your house.
The Non-TPS is a complete police state in which the smallest infraction can land you in prison or, up to the discretion of the arresting officer, in the cemetery.
The Non-TPS is still trying to maintain perpetual war and occupation but funding is hard to find, with almost no other countries in the world willing to loan more money to a nation that will surely self destruct before it could ever repay the loan.

The TPS uses it's military for defense only. Every man, woman and child over the age of 12, that want's one, is issued an AK-47 and 1000 rounds of ammo as part of a domestic defense force. While crime is rampant in the Non- TPS, it is all but nonexistent in the TPS.
While I know the probability of the U.S. dividing into two nations is highly unlikely, this story does represent two different directions that the U.S. as a whole can take.


billy pilgrim said...

do the crack head negroes get ak-47's too in the tps?

texlahoma said...

Billy - Yeah, no worries, they'll trade them for crack.

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