Saturday, September 10, 2011

Only Aired Once About PENTAGON !!!


Anonymous said...

This is the greatest thing about Youtube. All this stuff is preserved there.

Ted Amadeus said...

Ever seen a plane crash with no wreckage? Only twice here, and they BOTH happened on 9.11.01, what a coincidence...0r not!!!

texlahoma said...

Jason - Yeah and even when one disappears, somebody else puts it up again.

Ted - Even that flight over Lockerbie had all kinds of wreckage. It was going about 400mph at 31,000 feet. The cockpit was still intact(all in one piece), the pilots still strapped into their seats.

But we are suppose to beLIEve a little hole in the ground is the wreckage in Pa.
We are suppose to beLIEve that what hit the Pentagon was an airplane, it made a tiny little hole. I guess the wings just vanished, along with the rest of the plane.

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