Monday, September 19, 2011

A Weekend Off

I'm off work most weekends but this weekend I took a break from politics and blogging.

I turned my attention to an old "hobby", brewing beer.
I've always thought "Good for the soul" was an odd expression, but that's how getting back to brewing felt.
I think this time I'll try to keep with the theme cheap and simple. I use to have an extra fridge so I could brew lager beer, no extra fridge now so I'm going to see if I can make some decent ale. My first batch was (is) an Irish Red ale that is fermenting even as we speak. I'll be glad after I get it bottled, then I will have been through the entire process. Like the nail said, "I'm a little rusty."


Heff said...

I brewed my own beer when I was in high school because, well, I WASN'T OLD ENOUGH TO BUY IT, LOL !!!

Be sure to filter out all that sediment !!!

texlahoma said...

Heff - LOL! That's the best reason to brew your own I've ever heard.
I was lucky in high school, I knew several places that would sell it to under age people, as long as nobody else was around.

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