Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just Barely Psychic

I went to the Dollar Store a few minutes ago and even though there were cars parked far out into the parking lot, I was sure there would be one space in the front row on the far right side.

As I got closer, a truck temporarily block my view and I thought the space was taken, I was really surprised.

The truck moved and I could see the empty space that I expected and parked there.
I wonder how many times a day we are a little psychic without even realizing it.

I mean if the truck hadn't blocked my view for a second, I don't think it would have ever come to my conscious mind that I knew something that I had no way of knowing.

The bad thing is, I'm never psychic when it comes to picking lottery numbers.

I guess I should be happy with what little ability I have, knowing a song is fixing to play on the radio and knowing which parking space will be empty.


Anonymous said...

Texlahoma, are you parking in the handicap spot again? You’re so not supposed to do that unless you’ve got a sticker. =D I’m just messing with you. I know what you mean though — sometimes I get that feeling when I play poker, but it doesn’t always turn out that smoothly.

texlahoma said...

NWO - Is that what that blue wheelchair means?

Anonymous said...


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