Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Land After Time: American Hero Alex Jones Gets Under The Skin of The Dinosaur Media

April 20, 2013

Time Magazine = Slime Magazine.
The age of the mainstream press is over, and, naturally, they can't handle it. Online media outlets and commentators are teaching failing media enterprises such as CNN a lesson in journalism. 
They know that they no longer have the ability to lie to the public, defend government crimes, and cover up government brutality. The public is being successfully de-brainwashed. More and more people are turning to alternative Internet sites to get their news. They know the corporate and government media is channeling a fantasy world to the viewer and they don't want any part of it.  

Many people in the corporate and government media are reacting with hatred and hostility to these events. Alex Jones's journalism is getting under the skin of the dinosaur media. In the L.A. Times, Alex Jones is being depicted as a King Sewer Rat. This is hilarious. They think the tool of ridicule is powerful enough to knock down such a great man.
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