Monday, April 15, 2013

A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to Norman

Today, Monday April 15th, Shelly and I were going to Norman, Ok.

I was driving North on I-35, looking at the Southbound vehicles.

A dark blue van caught my attention, it look fairly new, but it was the old fashioned type of van, not a mini-van.
Anyway, I said to Shelly "Oh, that van just gave me bad vibes!"

"It just made me think of the OKC bombing, kind of like a flashback to all the bad stuff that happened."

I thought to myself, it's going South, toward Dallas, I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a false flag bombing in Dallas before the end of the day.

This was at about 11:45 AM Oklahoma time (Central Time).


It was a mind blower to hear about the bombings in Boston shortly after 2:00.

Okay, I must have been a little psychic, there was a bombing today, but not in Dallas.

I guess I'll never know why the blue van made me think of the OKC bombing in such a strange way.

It will be interesting to see who is blamed for the Boston bombing, my money is on a Constitution loving
Libertarian type who is against gun control.

Not because that's really who did it, but because, that's who to blame if you want more gun control, let us never forget the words of Rahm Emanuel;

 “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”


Bob said...

At latest count, 3 dead, over 170 wounded, 17 critically.

A massive turnout by authorities: City Police, State Police, National guard, FBI, ATF, DHS. Mobs of stern-looking people with badges running around looking very official and stern.

Somber speeches from the president down about how no stone will be left unturned to find the bombers.

15 blocks of a Boston city street cordoned off. No access by civilians as thousands of officials search for clues. There are none as of yet. No suspects, no clues.

Not too often mentioned is the color of the smoke from the two bombs... White. Not a color from things like gunpowder bombs or bombs made from firecrackers. It's the color of smoke from very highly advanced explosives.

Other impressions from TV speakers:

Massachusetts governor: Shaved-head minority.

Boston mayor: Wheelchair-bound mafia thug.

Boston Chief of Police: Union thug.

District Attorney: Mexican female that can't speak proper English.

I apologize for those impressions, but that's what I saw when those people spoke up. I did not see dedicated public officials.

They are saying that most of the wounds are in the lower parts of bodies, indicating shaped charges.

So. The bombs are most likely products of professional bomb makers.

They will strike again.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Very interesting points about the color of the smoke and shaped charges.

I can't believe the Family Guy video,
Boston Marathon, two bombs.
It's like "For all who are awake, IN YOUR FACE!" "Everyone else, please disregard."

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