Thursday, April 04, 2013

Drowning Victim’s Visit To Heaven


Bob said...

The human brain does some truly eerie things when it experiences oxygen starvation, which usually explains all that "I saw this or that", or "A bright light" sort of thing.

These folks that see heaven always seem to describe a place that we humans imagine heaven to be. That - all by itself - makes their experience highly suspicious.

We all have dreams... nothing heavenly about that... this visit to heaven stuff is most likely the human brain just doing its thing.

I'm Not saying that some sort of heaven doesn't exist. I'm just saying I don't believe these people actually went there.

The trip is the ultimate one-way street... no returning, except for maybe the carpenter, if you're into that sort of thing.

texlahoma said...

Sorry Bob - You are full of shit on this one.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I brought some baggage with me and was too harsh with my comment.

I know people that have been to the other side and back again.

Plus I have had many arguments about this subject with one of my closest friends.
We'll just have to disagree on this subject.

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