Wednesday, April 03, 2013

DHS excuse for buying billions of rounds of ammo exposed as yet another blatant lie

Mike Adams Natural News April 3, 2013 ...The left will never see the bullets coming
Shockingly, voters on the left who are terrified that individuals might stockpile ammo are mysteriously quite comfortable that DHS is doing exactly that on a much larger scale. Individuals are not to be trusted in a socialist nation, you see. Only the government can be trusted, they believe. Little do these people know that most of these DHS bullets are ultimately meant for them.

The first place DHS will set up operations will be the high-density cities, where status quo residents are surprisingly easy to be rounded up, marched to the edge of open pits, then ordered to thank their government executioners while being shot in the head with .40 caliber hollow point bullets that were “purchased in bulk to save money!” Rejoice! Mass murder has never been so affordable.

You may not think any of this could possibly happen, but then again, you probably didn’t think DHS was buying 2+ billion rounds of ammo when we first reported it. (I’m talking to newer visitors now, not long-time Natural News readers.)

Like most people, you are hopelessly ignorant of reality, and you have bet your life on the lies of a criminal government that places no value whatsoever on your existence.

You live in a never-ending state of denial because the zone of denial is far more comfortable than facing the truth that your own government is arming against you, amassing enough ammunition and armored assault vehicles to wage a 20-year war on the streets of America, all while gutting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (to the cheers of the socialist left).
If you believe DHS is buying all this just for “training purposes,” you are a fool. Any organization that needs two billion rounds of ammunition to “train” is a standing army. Two billion rounds of ammunition in the hands of a corrupt, criminal government does not create “security.”
It creates an atrocity.
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