Thursday, April 04, 2013

Is it Possible That Time is Speeding up?

I had noticed that time seemed to be speeding up, but I chalked it up to getting older.
The perceived speeding up of time was subtle for me until recently.
I remember on the morning of New Years Day 2012 kind of asking myself what 2012 would be like, what would it be all about.
To my surprise, I got an immediate response in my head: "Time".
It was strange, but I just wrote it off as something having to do with my usual New Years Day hangover.

Then January 1st 2013 rolled around.
Man! There's no way that was a year, but it was.
That's when I really noticed how fast time was going.
This isn't a joke anymore, something is really going on with time.

I really started thinking about it then.
We measure time by the movement of the Earth around the sun and the moon around the Earth.
If those things all sped up together, we wouldn't be able to prove that it sped up, because there's no point of  reference.Internet Marketing whirlpool

Anyway, crazy or not, I believe that time is actually speeding up.
It reminds me of a whirlpool.
We use to be on the outer edge, changes were slow, our movement through time was slow.
But now, we are getting closer to the middle of the whirlpool, changes are fast and furious.
This post was inspired by this article.


Bob said...

Time is speeding up?

That's old age sneaking up on you.

It took forever to get thru high school, remember? Now four years zips by I no time all.

Old age pal, old age.

texlahoma said...


Just kidding, who knows?

I get what you are saying, but time still seems different.
Gravity can affect time, could there be subtle changes in Earth's gravity?

Maybe an approaching huge planet?

Or maybe old age.

billy pilgrim said...

time flies when you're having fun.

Too much fun, that's news to me
Too much fun, there must be
A whole lotta things that I never done
But I ain't never had too much fun

Allen Struble said...

Feels like the skim FF was pressed on a VCR tape.

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