Friday, April 26, 2013

Outbreak: Frightening H7N9 Study

While U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden suggests there is no cause for panic over the H7N9 influenza strain and says that Americans, “go about their daily lives,” this unusually dangerous virus has concerned officials at the CDC to such an extent that they are rapidly working to develop an effective vaccine in the event it makes its way to North America.
According to the World Health Organization, the H7N9 bird flu virus is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified. The first case appeared in China in late February and has since spread to scores of others, with at least 109 cases having been reported to WHO thus far, 22 of which have resulted in death. This amounts to a kill rate of 20%. These are laboratory confirmations, so in all likelihood there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others who may be infected with the virus that haven’t received medical attention.
In the last 24 hours officials in Taiwan confirmed the first case of the virus outside of China. The patient was originally hospitalized on April 12, but confirmation of the virus did not come until nearly two weeks later, suggesting that the official numbers and the reality on the ground are starkly different.
Moreover, as reported by WHO, half of the H7N9 cases identified are individuals who have had no prior contact with poultry.
If true, this would be strong evidence that H7N9 has already achieved “human-to-human transmission,” turning it into a “nightmare influenza” that might already be spreading across the population.

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Anonymous said...

Very few germs live in an environment of bourbon and jalapeno peppers so I guess I am safe. stopped by to say hello. Hello! the rat

Mr. Shife said...

Stuff like this is absolutely frightening to me because the way we pump up humans and animals with so much antibiotics there is going to be no cure for one of this nightmare viruses. Very scary.

texlahoma said...

Mohave rat - Hopefully the same holds true for beer and barbecue.

Mr. Shife - Yeah, I'd be between a rock and a hard place - wouldn't want to catch this flu and I don't trust what they put in vaccines.

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