Saturday, April 13, 2013

Guns are illegal in Mexico - How's that working out for you?

Mexico Registers 4,249 Drug-Related Killings in 4 Months


A total of 4,249 drug-related killings occurred in Mexico from December 2012, when President Enrique Peña Nieto took office, to March 2013, marking a drop of 14 percent from the comparable four-month period in 2011-2012, the Government Secretariat said.
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From the U.S.Consulate ;

Don’t bring firearms or ammunition across the border into Mexico. Don’t carry a knife, even a small pocketknife, on your person in Mexico. You may become one of dozens of U.S. Citizens who are arrested each month for unintentionally violating Mexico’s strict weapons laws.

If you are caught with firearms or ammunition in Mexico... You will go to jail and your vehicle will be seized; You will be separated from your family, friends, and your job, and likely suffer substantial financial hardship; You will pay court costs and other fees ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars defending yourself; You may get up to a 30-year sentence in a Mexican prison if found guilty.

If you carry a knife on your person in Mexico, even a pocketknife . . . You may be arrested and charged with possession of a deadly weapon; You may spend weeks in jail waiting for trial, and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, court costs, and fines; If convicted, you may be sentenced to up to five years in a Mexican prison. Claiming not to know about the law will not get you leniency from a police officer or the judicial system. Leave your firearms, ammunition, and knives at home. Don’t bring them into Mexico.

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