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Only Way Obama Wins This Election Is To Steal It: WH Insider

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As Benghazi news reports now pummel down upon the head of President Barack Obama, a longtime D.C. political operative who has spent the past three years attempting to correct the mistake that was the 2008 election, declares in this brief communication that the only way Obama can now be allowed a second term is if he steals the 2012 election.

(The sound of ominous thunder now hangs over the Obama White House)
Ulsterman: Can you confirm the Benghanzi news reports? The emails? Was this the breaking story you referenced earlier? Is momentum still with Romney? How does Obama try to win this? Or does he? Please respond ASAP. I’ve kept quiet as requested. Now with media openly reporting on the emails I am hoping to get feedback directly from you again. -UM
WHI: Which question you want answered? You got a list there.
UM: You choose.
WHI: Benghazi story now breaking out even bigger. As promised. I was pissed the governor did not push the issue during last debate. Now I understand. I was not in the loop on that but that’s ok. Very smart move by the campiagn. Don’t count on media falling over themselves to make this a headline though. That will be done with them kicking and screaming. And read that first report carefully. And then smile. The Old Man made this happen. At least some of it. It’s pretty much spelled out in first report. He’s got to have logged about 30,000 miles in the last month alone. Don’t know how he’s doing it healthwise. But he is. Thank God.
UM: So how does Benghazi story now play out?
WHI: Let the roll out complete itself. Then we watch and wait. Need enough in media to confirm, question, and then demand WH response. That will take about 48 to complete. Cannot guarantee success, but like our odds. It’s the timeline that is so offensive. Security could have been deployed within 3 hrs. At the most is what I was told. 3 hrs. There was a 7 hr. gunfight. With a break in between. Simple math. The ambassador and the other three could have been saved. Obama let them die. And I go back to why. What the f-ck were they covering up out there in Libya? That’s the info I really wish I had but for now, the emails are what we got and they sure as hell pin the Obama WH to the wall on this thing.
UM: Do you remain confident with the Romney campaign?
WHI: Yes.
UM: Elaborate.
WHI: Momentum. Momentum. Momentum. We got it. They don’t. There is some feedback circling the drain from the Obama side. Operatives saying they are going to lose this thing. When people in the campaign start to voice that stuff enough that the other side is hearing it, that gives you a snapshot of where the campaigns are really at. I put the governor’s chances at 70% right now. Did you notice the Oregon news? I told you the internals on that about two weeks ago, right? Nobody in the media saw that coming. Now they are confirming Oregon is in play. Oregon! And there is a ton more like that on the map. And the Obama campaign knows it. We’re feeding it to them. A little here and there. Pissing in their cheerios every morning. Hey look guys! Now Pennsylvania is trending Romney. Enjoy the rest of your day now. They don’t know where to go from here. Having to borrow money. Obama has about 7 maybe 8 states locked up. That is it. And now whole ton of leaners in play. If the momentum holds for Romney I’m calling it now.
UM: Really?

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