Friday, October 19, 2012

If I Had a Little Bit of Power

If I had a little bit of power, I'd see to it that everyone had a little bit of power. The "bailout of 2008" was a rip-off of mammoth proportions. No need to go into that, either you already know that or you probably never will. "Too big to fail." Such crap. If we would of had a good president in charge, it would have been the other way around, too small to fail. I don't want to pretend that I know the numbers, but with that much money, there are so many great things we could do. For one thing, give everyone solar power. Not an unlimited crazy amount, like enough to power one of Al Gore's mansions, but enough to meet the basics. Enough to heat water and heat a small living space. But, bottom line, that didn't happen, did it?


Mr. Shife said...

You are correct, sir. It would be an absolutely amazing world if we gave every single soul on this planet the basics to survive instead of feeding wars. It would be nice to knock hunger, sanitation, drinking water, preventable diseases, etc. off the world's to-do list.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Shife - Nice to see you. It could be done so easily, but that line of thought, is not encouraged.
What keeps hitting me is that just regular people, like you and me could do so much better as president or in congress than the people we have now and most of the ones running. Anyway, not really our burden. Hope you have a good weekend.

billy pilgrim said...

if i had some power i'd build pyramids. it doesn't seem right that people built better stuff 5000 years ago.

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