Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michelle Obama Planned On Divorcing Her Husband And Even Prepared Divorce Papers While Obama Was in the Illinois State Legislature

Michelle Obama planned on divorcing her husband and even prepared divorce papers while Obama was in the Illinois State Legislature according to best selling author and Investigative Journalist Dr.Jerome Corsi. Saying, “Obama has also a homosexual history”, Corsi spoke of this and much more on a live internet radio program that was broadcast earlier this week.

 “I have another article prepared that we ought to publish pretty soon” Corsi said Monday. “People don’t realize it but Michelle was preparing, and I actually found divorce papers, to divorce Obama at one point in their marriage”. he said. He goes on to say, “When he was in the State Legislature before he became a U.S. Senator, Obama was smoking all the time, gone, having homosexual relationships, no money…Michelle was tired of it.”
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diane said...

I actually don't care about their marriage. What scares me the most about Obama is his socialist agenda. And what scares me the most about Mitt is his attack on women's rights. This years elections are a nightmare for me. I can hardly believe that Ron Paul has been reduced to a write-in, dividing the independent vote. The whole affair makes me feel sad.

texlahoma said...

Diane - I don't either, other than it is fake just like everything about Obama. A lame duck Obama scares me because that's when we'll see the real Obama. Ron Paul, of course, should have been the Republican candidate, he would have won by a landslide. I don't think Romney will really be able to mess up women's rights, even if he is foolish enough to try. I fear Obama worse than Romney. We need a ten party system, the two party system is too easy for the elite to control and manipulate.
I'm not going to vote at all this year.

billy pilgrim said...

i'm more worried about local police forces getting unmanned drones to play with.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Good point!

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