Friday, October 19, 2012

Mainstream Media Not Reporting Truth About Louisiana Incident

Here's how MSNBC is covering the story:
 [By Eli MacKinnon, Life's Little Mysteries Staff Writer updated 10/16/2012 1:49:09 PM ET A loud boom and a bright orange flash that shook up a pocket of northwest Louisiana last night (Oct. 15) was due to an underground explosion at the Camp Minden industrial park and National Guard training site, according to the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office. Despite early reports that the boom may have been caused by a meteor impact, the real cause was an explosion in an underground bunker belonging to a company called Explo, Webster Parish authorities told Life's Little Mysteries. No one was injured in the]
(They think we are VERY stupid!)

Since when would a train being knocked off the tracks by "an underground explosion" not be news worthy?

Check out this video:
Proof Of Louisiana UFO Crash? Not A Bunker!
Friday, October 19, 2012 7:55

Original storyHERE The first reports say that a meteor has hit Louisiana because one was seen on the local radar at that time. Then they change the story to a bunker explosion. People from Texas has reported a bright blue flash. On top of that repors of loud booms in New England before an earthquake. Loud booms in New Jersey. Then so a called meteor in California that witnesses say moved side to side. Then a story to distract us from the truth, staging a terrorist attack in New York. There is something strange going on and the governments are not saying a word. Links for these events posted below.


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This is not my video it was made by Links
Local Witness - If the link here is not working for you, just click The video is called Huge Explosion Near My House
Loud Booms And Fireballs California
FBI Give Terrorist Explosives
Loud Booms Heard As The Ground Shakes
Mysterious Booms In New Jersey

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