Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*Alert* WH Insider Bin Laden Version 2


This just came from Insider:
Have a heads up for you. This comes directly from the Old Man. Military intelligence may have tracked location of a guy called “Khattalah” who apparently organized the Benghazi attack. Check media reports for name. Obama to order drone strikes or possible all out bombing operation. Says it appears imminent. Obama will then make claim “perpetrators brought to justice” to squash Benghazi questions and play part of hero. “Bin Laden Version 2 “ If accurate, this scenario would fit with the earlier rescue operation scenario you had sent me earlier. That went to sh-t so now they are recalibrating the same general idea with an updated version of it.
I have not heard anything resembling something this specific. Doing double time trying to confirm. Nobody in Romney camp aware of this. Or if they are, not tipping their hand.
This has me worried. Old Man attempting to get in front of it be he’s got his hands full with other critical Europe related issues. Says he has source in Libya but has been unable to locate. ????? Tone of his message suggests more worried than me. And I’m pretty panicked about this.

Any ideas?
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