Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New wave of Anaheim protests: 9 arrested as police disperse crowds

At least nine people have been arrested by Orange County Police as they pushed protesters Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images/AFP
Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images/AFP back during a street rally in outrage over the recent officer-involved shootings that left two locals dead.

­More than 200 people have gathered outside Anaheim police headquarters chanting slogans condemning the police and taking over a parking lot, where they drew outlines of bodies.
"The whole system is guilty" and "Am I next?" the angry crowds were chanting in rage, says the LA Times.
The assembly then began marching toward Disneyland, but 50 police officers in riot gear and about two dozen officers on horseback prevented their movement toward the theme park.
The crowd was chanting, "Why can't we go to Disneyland? You're protecting the city, not your people," sites the Orange County Register.
One eyewitness tweeted, “The pics from Anaheim are disgusting, how much firepower does one need against unarmed civilians?”


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