Sunday, October 07, 2012

Obama - The Antichrist

 Lisa Miller
 Sunday, October 7, 2012 10:48

Revealing Obama. What Is His Secret? And Why It’s So Bad.

People noticed Obama was dead during the Denver Debate. He was totally Lost In Action and people have speculated what was terrorizing him and keeping him out of the fight.
The polls have hit back with a vengeance and Romney’s leading Obama nationally by 2% in the latest Rasmussen poll by 49% to 47%.
Many secrets of Obama have been republished in the election run-up, which were known years ago: such as the gay incest poem “Pop” which Obama wrote as a youth. There are also the gay reports from Chicago where Obama is a closeted gay, well-known to the homosexual community.
Wayne Madsen and Kevin DuJan (writing at “Hillbuzz”)are both the Chicago-based reporters, who have given the maximum coverage to the gay life-style of Obama in the press, through relays such as Jerome Corsi at WND.
But there’s one thing people don’t know,… which Obama knows… and which terrifies him that everybody would learn about. That alone is enough to turn him into what we saw at the debate: a panicked prey, running for cover and refusing to engage Romney in battle.
When Obama ran for office in 2008, he was the Illinois Senator and he ran as Illinois’ favorite, as their champion. Illinois was his base and stronghold.

But in 2012, he no longer has Illinois behind him. Why?

When Obama entered the White House  he was the first president in memory to not leave his house by helicopter to fly to the Inauguration. That’s what all others did. He went to Washington himself and slept across the street from the White House and deprived Chicago of that honour and thrill of that triumphant inaugural trip from his home to Washington. Why? DOes Obama have something to hide?
Obama wanted to avoid the world press coming to Chicago to film there, him leaving for Washington. They’d have asked about what kind of man he as in Chicago.

What did he want to hide in Chicago that was so disgraceful? His gay life-style that Chicagoans could talk about? His past?

An event happened on the day after his election, which he wanted to avoid the press and reporters getting wind of. On the day after he was elected, he was celebrating enthusiastically in Chicago, when the evening lottery drew 666. 666 is the Biblical curse of the Antichrist. This event just blew away Chicago and all the neighbouring states who also play that lottery live, broadcast on TVs and radios. Over 50 million people stared incredulously at their TVs and cursed under their breaths: “Damn it! He’s the Antichrist!”

Obviously, Chicagoans all saw it and they have not forgotten Obama’s marked as the Antichrist. Obama’s dead in the water now as far as battling Romney because he knows Chicagoans know he’s the Antichrist. he’s lost his base and supporters. he’s got no place to go home. Remember the articles saying he’s bought a house in Hawaii and has no plans of returning to Chicago? So thre you go. Obama’ll avoid Chicago by all means.

I have as many links to this as I want about these events; so among them all, I’ll just select three, to show people this is not fantasy but real, hard and true fact.
I. A quantity of hundreds of forums talking about live during the week following the Chicago lottery draw, can be seen, just click here. In the forums people exclaim: “Obama’s the Antichrist because of that lottery 666 draw!”
II. More than six videos on You Tube talk about it.

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billy pilgrim said...

he love's looking in the mirror so maybe he is gay. being a muslim it would be the kiss of death if he came out.

texlahoma said...

Billy - His being gay wouldn't bother me at all, it's the crappy way he has run the country that I don't like.

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