Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kennebunk Zumba Prostitution Case - Missing the Whole...Point

Isn't it fun to wait for the release of the names of "Johns"?

Isn't it really stupid to prosecute consenting adults?

What a huge waste of taxpayer's money.

Victimless actions, involving adults, should not be the concern of the government.

What is the aim of such laws?

To end prostitution worldwide?

It will, as you know, never happen.

So, to me, the whole thing is ridicules.

Instead of everyone being so interested in who got caught with their pants down, people should see the big picture and condemn the waste of tax money.

The media circus surrounding this case shows what a dumbed down, childlike society we have become.

 Bottom line, prostitution should be legal for consenting adults.

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