Thursday, March 08, 2012

Questions about Iran

Has the constant bombardment of propaganda against Iran worked on you?

Has the insane paranoia of the Israeli leader rubbed off on you?

Do you think the U.S. should attack a country that poses no threat?

If so, do you think of the children?

The children that will be killed because the leader of Israel is insane?

I mean, depending on how bad the election fraud is in the Republican Party, most people are voting for candidates that want to attack Iran.

I am very glad to be in the minority and am very happy to support the only candidate that doesn't want to start another war, Ron Paul.

Big Brother says: "Hate Iran!" Two Minutes of hate


Bob said...

The Republicians are dumb.

I used to be registerd as a Republician, and I am dumb, so I prove my statement.

But even us dummies can - and will eventually - see the light. It just takes us a bit longer.

Why do I call myself dumb? Because I believed in this federal government far too long to be otherwise.

But... my secret weapon is: Although I may be dumb, I'm not stupid. And all these bastards think I'm stupid. They're gonna regreat that.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I sure don't think you are dumb or stupid. I see a guy looking real hard for the truth.

To me, the political party doesn't really matter. I want a president that is for our constitutional rights and national sovereignty. We need a president that will stand up against a global government.

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