Thursday, March 15, 2012

American soldier's rampage kills 16 Afghan civilians - Right to Keep and Bear Arms

This horrible act brings a lot of things to light.
Most Americans want our troops out of Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan want our troops out of their country.
The main reason that the U.S. is in Afghanistan is to guard poppy fields.
Banksters make money off of this from the cradle to the grave.
They make money on loans to drug producers, dealers and even on private prisons in the U.S., all using your tax dollars.
Doesn't it strike you as odd how the U.S. will spend millions destroying coca fields in South America yet we guard poppy fields in Afghanistan?
Which ultimately ends up on American streets as heroin.

Another thing that I see from this despicable act is a need for Americans to be able to keep and bear arms. Many of these unstable soldiers come back home and become cops. It is easy to picture an unarmed America, a psycho cop and a death toll much higher than 16. On the other hand it is easy to picture a well armed America taking out a psycho cop before the death toll rose very high. We need to be able to protect our selves from cops that go over the edge as well as the typical gang banger or other criminals.
Anyone that is opposed to the right of Americans to keep and bear arms is ignorant, evil or just plain stupid.


billy pilgrim said...

i heard a wild rumor that drugs are available in that area of the world. combine insane living and working conditions with lots of drugs and the results are predicable.

i guess if they need drugs when they return being a cop would be the perfect job.

texlahoma said...

Billy - "Sir, this is your lucky day, I'm going to confiscate your drugs and let you off with a warning."

"Have a nice day."

(Cop thinks to himself)
"I know I'm going to."

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