Sunday, March 18, 2012

Herding Toads

If I had gone to a psychic on Friday and she said "I see you...herding toads on Saturday." I would probably call her a phony and not pay her.
But there I was, Saturday morning, herding toads.
I didn't intent to herd toads, but I was weedeating around the house and there were more toads than you could shake a stick at!
I'm not cruel, I didn't want to hit them with the weedeater, so I was like "Get along little froggy."
"Head um up, move em out."
I managed to get the job done without hurting any toads.

Then my mind began to wander...

"What you doing Tex?"

"Well, I'm having a little Toad Rodeo."

"The hard part is tying the grasshoppers to the bucking toads."

"Hey, watch your language Tex!"

"I said BUCKING, dumbass!"

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diane said...

Love this, thanks for the laugh.

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