Saturday, March 31, 2012

Obamas Inner Lenin Invoked In Desperate Re-Election Strategy

Friday, March 30, 2012 10:08
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The bizarre and nearly unprecedented recent political behavior on the part of the Obama Administration results from the recognition that the election is slipping away. Some of the headwinds Mr. Obama faces are the following:
  • The economy is not improving (nor will it before the election).
  • Government stimulus is increasingly seen as political favoritism and a waste of taxpayer money.
  • Government continues to spend money that it doesn’t have, leading the nation closer to bankruptcy.
  • Voters understand that this spending has mortgaged the future of their children and grandchildren and may destroy the country.
  • The centerpiece of Obama’s economic program, green energy initiatives, produced no new energy and a track record of failing companies. It was nothing more than political payoffs to Democrat supporters.
  • Gas prices are at record levels and expected to soar upward from here while Obama plays politics with an important pipeline.
  • President Obama’s Democrat-controlled Senate refused to pass his requested tax hikes on oil companies.
  • The Supreme Court has exposed Obama’s crowning domestic achievement, ObamaCare, for its legal absurdities (which does not mean they will overrule it). The CBO estimates have more than doubled, casting doubt on the integrity of the President’s cost estimates.
  • President Obama’s proposed budget did not garner one Democrat vote in the House.
Mr. Obama has no achievement to run on and many negatives to overcome. Furthermore, his once perceived mystical qualities are no more. Most of what he has done has been a failure. Everything he has touched has become worse.
There is no way to intellectually defend his failed policies, but then that holds for much of liberalism in general. Liberalism is not based on reason but on “caring.” If you are not liberal, then you must be mean and uncaring. But what happens when you have been in charge and gotten all of your programs put in place and they don’t work? Under such circumstances it is hard to blame others for the problems. That is precisely the quandary in which Obama finds himself.


Bob said...

About those hoodies...

If it's not the middle of winter and someone's wearing a hoodie?

They don't want to be identified, which means they're up to no good.

Hoodies ain't sytle, they're camouflage.

texlahoma said...

Bob - You've got a point there, I think the Uni-Bomber started that particular fashion trend.

Bob said...

Been commuting back and forth from St. anthony's in Oklahoma city and Dallas these past two weeks.

Our oldest son has been in the ICU with severe pancreitus(spelling)and may not make it.

Mom is up there in OKC right now, and I had to come home to tend to the animals and the homestead.

Sorta sucks... You're not supposed to outlive your kids.

Commuting between the two cities makes me wonder how close we passed by to your stomping grounds.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Sorry to here that. I know some people who work (or worked?) there they were very good, very professional. I-35 between OKC and Dallas is my stomping grounds.
We use to go to Texas all the time to get six point beer and hookers. Ha, just kidding about the hookers. I use to work in OKC, so I went up there all the time. But more specifically, you get real close when you're on those mountains. Our family had a big scare a few years back with our daughter, she was in the ICU in Tulsa.
Everything turned out ok, but I can relate, a little. Best of luck with everything.

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