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Police Drone Crashes into Police

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(GIZMODO)  The Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office had a big day planned. After becoming the first department in the country with its own aerial drone ($300,000!), they were ready for a nice photo op.

And then the drone crashed into a SWAT team.
The Examiner reports a painfully contrived police action-athon:
As the sheriff’s SWAT team suited up with lots of firepower and their armored vehicle known as the “Bearcat,” a prototype drone from Vanguard Defense Industries took off for pictures of all the police action. It was basically a photo opportunity, according to those in attendance.
“Lots of firepower” and a “Bearcat” sure sounds like a good photo op. OK, time to launch the $300,000 drone. Here we go. Launch the drone:
“[The] prototype drone was flying about 18-feet off the ground when it lost contact with the controller’s console on the ground. It’s designed to go into an auto shutdown mode…but when it was coming down the drone crashed into the SWAT team’s armored vehicle.”
Not only did the drone fail, and not only did it crash, it literally crashed into the police. It’s no wonder we’re not able to find a video of this spectacular publicity failure. Luckily, the SWAT boys were safe in their Bearcat.
Continues at federaljack.com 
Maybe instead of Bearcat it should have been named  Very Expensive Rock.


Bob said...

I would pay some serious money (at least 2 one-dollar federal reserve notes) to see that video.

The U.S. will be totally out of debt before that happens.

texlahoma said...

Bob - I can picture it with Benny Hill music.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Talk about poetic justice!!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Talk about poetic justice!!

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