Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fireball Seen in Sky Over Kansas - Oklahoma - Missouri - Kansas - Nebraska -Arkansas


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MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Bot Detects Kansas / Oklahoma / Missouri / Nebraska / Arkansas Fireball Meteor 
~06:42 am CDT 13MAR2012

Kansas / Oklahoma / Missouri / Nebraska / Arkansas Fireball Meteor 
~06:42 am CDT 13MAR2012
Neon Markers= Sighting Reports
Red Circle Markers =Allsky Cameras

13MAR2012 Staci Jenks, Oklahoma, USA 645 3 seconds NW to SE White then Orange bigger than Venus YES Flashing and then burned out

13MAR2012 Moe OKC, OK 0641 CST 4-5 seconds I was facing south and it was headed towards me south. It was extremely bright and when it got real close, it exploded into several big sparks and then faded out. It looked like a mag light was falling from the sky and then blew up into big orange sparks. yes none available.

13MAR2012 bob holt kansas city, mo. usa 6:40:00 4 sec w-e white with gold sparkles on the tail bright white -very large gold sparkles on it's tail it was pretty cool, looked like it came down in the city

13MAR2012 Brian Johnson Independence, MO 0641hrs Central time 4-5 seconds NE to SSW Blue Green Yellow Bright Blue Green Yellow none seen very fast and very bright

13MAR2012 Sheri Helms Oklahoma City, OK USA 6:40a.m. CT 20 sec NE Green blue Moon yes meteor/fireball

13MAR2012 Katy Topeka, KS, USA Central Time zone...6:45AM Less than 10 seconds Traveling West Gold, green Like a flare Yes It was falling in the South part of the seemed to literally fall to the ground.

13mar2012 richard junction city, ks, usa 0642 central standard time 1 to 2 seconds facing west, started straight up in sky, continued mostly straight down, a little south westward travel green and white color, very bright, lit up most of the sky as bright as a military flare at 100 meters there was a tail of white and green sparks but no huge pieces meteor seemed really close based on size and near vertical path. would have contacted ground south of I70, west of 77

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