Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Strange Mind Thing

Last week I was outside and my mind was wandering and all of a sudden, there was this feeling in the air, a festive feeling. I had a happy thought:

"Alright! I forgot about the Festival, I don't have to work all day!"

But where did that thought and happy feeling come from?

It wasn't from me, I have to work all day and there is no Festival.

I tried to stop and just pay attention for a second.

It felt like the same place, but like a different time, an older time. It seemed like I could smell a lot of smoke in the air but it smelled like firewood burning, almost pleasant. It reminded me of a cross between a Medieval Fair and Silver Dollar City, a time before electricity. 

Silver Dollar City
Then, a few days later.

Just a few minutes ago I was outside and it was like I suddenly felt that same way and caught myself thinking happily and excitedly:

"Oh, yeah today is the Festival, I don't have to work all day, just do the bare necessities."


Then it was back to normal.

"There's no Festival, and I do have to work all day."

I know how crazy all this sounds.

I've never given much thought to other dimensions, I don't know if it's something like that, or if it's a psychic thing or maybe my imagination is on steroids, I don't know.

I've never had experiences like this before.

Anyone else?


Bob said...


I have two. Mine are bit worse than yours.

I find myself on board a very advanced orbital craft that has been fatally damaged and is headed straight down to destruction. There is much noise, acrid smells, and screaming people somewhere. I am badly wounded and passing in and out of conciousness. When I pass out again, I wake up(always) and find myself back here in this world, living this dull, quiet life.

The other expereience is I am a wounded soldier on some battlefield of the civil war. I "know" its the civil war, but I have no idea where. I also "know" tha I am a Confereate soldier. There is an arched stone bridge forty or fifty feet away crossing a river that seems about twenty feet wide in my view. My view never changes, seems I cannot move. It is very quiet and still, and I can smell the water in the river. I always wake up from this one also.

They have happened many times, always the same.

Maybe thats why I have random pains that no doctor has been able to diagnose or find a source for. Doctor in one reality, pain in another.

That, or just weird dreams.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Wow, I wasn't expecting you to have anything like this. Just shows I don't you too well yet.

There was an unsolved mysteries you may have seen it. A little boy was extremely afraid of loud noises. His parents took him to a guy that did past-life regression hypnosis. Long story short, he was in the civil war and was killed by cannon fire. I think that pretty much took away his fear of loud noises.

I find this kind of thing very interesting.

Bob said...

It usually takes no time at all from the telling of these "dreams" to discussing the subject of eternal souls, multipile lives, parallel universes,concurrent time lines and a host of other non-physical possibilities.

Over my lifetime, I have studied several of the world's great religions, the ones that billions of fellow humans have believed in, and can still not find an irrefutable answer for any of it.

Quite frustrating, more so at my age.

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