Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking Dead Meets Gun Control

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a "Walking Dead" fan.
That show puts me under a spell, I can't get enough.
I believe in the right of the people to have guns, which is in no way in conflict with that show.
I wonder if people that are against citizens owning guns like that show.
I know there aren't any very many zombies right now.
But what if the Walkers (Zombies)  represent desperate,  hungry people,  looking to take whatever you have that they want.
Like food, water, your wife, your children.
Do your no guns for the citizens policies go out the window?
Or do you stick to your guns? (Pun intended)
Do you put up a fight?
Or do you just let them take whatever they want to?
I'm the kind of guy that will take out as many of them as I possibly can.
(Right here is the disconnect in the two ways of thinking.)
I sincerely can't understand how a person wants to be helpless when a bad guy (or guys) is attacking.
I think there is something wrong with people that say:
"Well, it's better to just let the bad guy take all our food,  now we will probably starve to death, but at least I didn't use a gun!"
Well, good luck with that! 

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