Saturday, March 23, 2013

Please Don't Cut My Head Off

You may have seen the recent video of a beheading.
It doesn't matter to me how it is spun by one side or the other, the fact is a group of armed people decided that they wanted to cut a guy's head off, so they did.

Almost everyone can feel that something is wrong in this country and the whole world.
Is there going to be an economic collapse?
Are our bank accounts going to be raided by our government?
Will there be food shortages?
To get to the point, it wouldn't take much for there to be a complete collapse of society.
You dial 911 and get nothing but a recording or a busy signal, if phones work at all.

I don't know about you, but if that ever happens I would like to be armed.
People who don't want to have a gun in that very possible scenario, are either very foolish or very brave.
The government can stage a million Sandy hooks, there could be a million actual mass shootings but that doesn't lesson the fact that people living in the real world know that we, the people, need to be armed.

So if the very brave or very foolish people don't want to be armed, that is their decision.
For the rest of us, who live in the real world and want to be armed, it is our decision.

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Bob said...

Those who refuse to protect themselves are removing themselves, their families and their future offsping from the gene pool.

There are a lot of them - billions worldwide - and those who intend to survive need to realize that during this period of culling, helping these also-rans is wildly counter-productive to self-survival

Governments everywhere have interfered with the once natural process of this culling, so now we are facing this "adjustment" on a vast scale.

The elite and privledged in governments everywhere realize this and are actively engineering a collapse they think will "cull" the undesirables, the rejects, the failures, the unproductive, the handicapped, the sick... all in one gigantic sweep.

They truly believe they have done enough to protect themselves and continue to prosper after they trigger this massive, world-wide event but for one thing:

The last obstacle to their plans being totally successful is the armed American citizenry.

Once that problem has been handled, their plans to eliminate two-thirds of the world population will be put into play, and there will be nothing to prevent it.

Anyone who thinks this cannot - and will not - happen has not been watching.

The plan is devilishly simple, even if it took generations to accomplish.

Take over the educational system, dumb down the serfs. That's been done.

Replace real currency with fiat currency, then inflate it to self-destruction. That's almost done.

Don't quibble over the term "currency", you know what I mean.

When this "currency" loses it's purchase power, the average citizens ability to buy food and fuel will vanish overnight.

Without preparation, they will die... by the hundreds of millions.

This activity will kill billions worldwide.

This "adjustment" is supposed to take about six weeks.

So... if you can hide in the weeds and survive for a couple of months - for better or for worse - you will become a part of an entirely new civilization, where the worldwide elites, protected by massive mlitary power, will use the survivors of the culled herds to keep their new fantasy world running.

As I said, the only thing stopping this nifty little plan is all those American dudes with their hunting rifles.

That's being handled as we speak.

Once done, the reality we all know today will vanish - quickly - and not be restored for genrations... if ever.

We are witnessing the greatest change to humanity in history, probably the greatest the human race ever face.

Sorta neat in a strange way, to be a part of history.

Try to stay alive so you can create a record of how it once was... at least our version of how it was... private homes, fantastic vehicles for personel transprotation, incredible selections of food and products, freedom of movement, TV, computers in every home... stuff you won't have in their brave new world.

You won't need any of that Goy... You are not one of the "Chosen".

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