Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI resigns is ALSO symbology for the COLLAPSE of BANKS

"Pope Benedict XVI resigns" is ALSO symbology for the COLLAPSE of BANKS script

"Pope resigns" alias "fake suicide bomber Ratzinger detonates", is part of symbology / mockery for:

1. Resignation of "Hussein Obama II" alias "fake suicide Obomber".
Resignation of "Hussein Obama II" and "Benedict XVI" are both scripted due to an endless array of suicide bombs.
"Obama" will be accused of the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Politics:
- treason (guilty of the "murder" of US ambassador in Libya alias Benghazigate to faking "Osama Bin Laden's" death);
- murder (including his "granny");
- forgery (from birth certificate to greatest financial fraud ever, breaking Madoff's record), etc.
"Pope Benedict XVI" will be accused of the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Religion:
- from running over a pile of dead bodies the most sophisticated pedophile ring ever, ... to the widest financial scam ever.

2. Self-fulfillment of the illuminati creation known as "St Malachy popes prophecy" for Glory of the Olive or Gloria Olivae pope 111 and Peter the Roman or Petrus Romanus, the "last pope", 112.

3. At this point it is clear why the resignation of Ratzinger is also part of symbology / mockery for the COLLAPSE of BANKS script, that comes to an end together with "Obama"'s detonation:
- the human cattle will be stripped of all savings and pension funds as all banks declare bankruptcy and the race war is launched all over the USA / EU / Canada / Australia;
- the "Catholic Church" will be stripped of all reminaing assets, as it will be officially banned (3).
Reminder: the financial assets were already almost entirely transferred to the illuminati safes during the last 50 years, ever since the illuminati took control of the Catholic Church in 1959.
So what will now be transferred is essentially real estate, art, etc.

(0) Lance Armstrong "confession" and the END of the WORLD as * YOU * know it

(1) Glory of the Olive "Pope Benedict XVI" resigns for Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, the last Pope, Dorner first to be droned on US soil

(2) Catholic Church Destruction - the illuminati script, explained worldwide first time, by Matt Marriott
http://catholic-church-destruction.blog ... inati.html

(3) The "Pope" and ALL "Cardinals" as well as "Obama" play in the same "stripped" stage as Lance Armstrong. But they do not enter it through the same door as Lance Armstrong:


billy pilgrim said...

i get all my insight into the pope and his crew from the colbert report.

texlahoma said...

Billy - Good thinking.
Hey, man I need to talk to you about some geese from your country.
They cross the border illegally every year and fly down here for the winter. It was nice and warm the other day and I saw a bunch of them in their V pattern flying North. I thought "Good they're going back home to Billy Land." A few hours later I look up, they are going back South. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finаllу ωrіting аbοut >
"Pope Benedict XVI resigns is ALSO symbology for the COLLAPSE of BANKS" < Liked it!

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