Friday, March 08, 2013

Good Thursday Morning - March Twenty First Twenty Thirteen -Traffic is Moving Along Fairly Well in San Diego...

It started out like any other Thursday, the news was mostly concerned with the lives of celebrities and the elite.
Constitution busting policies of the current administration were praised by mainstream media, almost as if they had been paid off.

North Korea's threats over sanctions were largely ignored and most people figured the U.S. might make some kind of food for peace deal, disguised to make the U.S. look strong or humanitarian.

But the time for peace deals was apparently over, as a North Korean missile headed toward the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in Southwestern California.

Had the North Korean leader just flipped his wig and decided to attack America a on a whim?

No, it was part of a coordinated attack involving China, Russia and several Muslim nations.

The Untied States was about to experience the "CHANGE" they had been promised.

               [Hurricane SANDY - SANDY hook - SANDYiego (SanDiego)]

I found this related post by Live Free or Die  after I wrote this one, it is eerily similar.

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