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Stunning Investigative Report: Actors Involved With The Sandy Hook Massacre

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 21:08

The report below from The Memory Hole Blog is absolutely stunning. According to experts with the US Intelligence Information Center, actors were used in the Sandy Hook 'massacre' in what was a plan put together in over 5 years for the purpose of swaying public opinion towards increased gun control. This is a must read report for anyone who knows that we have been lied to, once again, by criminal members of our own government and media factions. How is it that these people are still able to walk as free men and women knowing that they have committed such devious and quite evil crimes? They may have gotten away with these kinds of crimes in the past, they will not get away with these crimes in America.

On December 14th 2012, members of the US Intelligence Information Center launched a joint task force between several different experts including college professors, private investigators, and confidential law enforcement sources to examine allegations surrounding the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. These allegations included the possibility of actors that we’re deployed to play key roles including some of the victims and their families. Those who have alleged such a fraud have voiced their opinion that this massacre was part of a “full-scale exercise” for the purpose of swaying public opinion towards increased gun control.

As part of this investigation, the following articles of evidence were recovered and analyzed:

1. A large family album of approximately 1200 photos containing members of the Greenberg, Kaplan, Blumberg, and Katzenberg families. This album was posted publicly by members of the before mentioned families and was archived prior to its removal from the internet.
2. A family album of approximately 600 photos containing members of the Parker family.
3. Approximately 1820 photos containing members of the above mentioned families, obtained from public social networking sites.
4. Government documents providing confirmed identification of many of the actors involved, including property records, tax bills, mortgage documents and corroborating background information provided by Intelius and Netdetective.
5. Government documents provided by FEMA (IS-139: Exercise Design).
6. Video footage of interviews and scene coverage.

As a key part of our investigation, it was important for us to establish the following factors:

1. The motive behind this event.
2. Whether or not this event was premeditated.
3. The desired outcome and the steps needed to achieve it.
4. Physical evidence that is corroborative with all of the before mentioned factors.

Upon careful examination of all of the evidence, we have come to the following conclusions:

1. The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was preplanned, and has most likely been in the planning stage for close to five years. The execution of this plan has heavily involved members of the Greenberg/Blumberg family.
2. The media appear to have been placing inaccurate information, including on several occasions misquoting “law enforcement sources” for the purpose of increasing confusion surrounding the event.
3. Suspicious video clips and altered photos have been circulated by unnamed parties for the purpose of increasing misinformation, which provides a distraction from real evidence.
4. Members of the media have utilized pieces of planted misinformation to create a heavy level of doubt towards anyone questioning the “official story” while ignoring the more compelling evidence.

Check out these pictures from this preliminary report, one of several pieces of evidence that clearly link the parties responsible to this incident.  According to the US Intelligence Information Center, the focus of this report is upon identifying any and all possible actors and actresses involved.  According to the report, all of the following individuals have been identified as belonging to the same family, which we have corroborated by analyzing close to 3000 total photos. (Much more photo evidence at Memory Hole Blog linked above)

Check out the picture of Laura Phelps – Interviewed by CNN with her husband Nick Phelps. According to the US Intelligence Information Center report, the role of Laura Phelps is being played by Jennifer Sexton.

Check out the picture of Nick Phelps – Interviewed by CNN with his wife Laura Phelps. This role is being played by Richard Sexton.


According to this report, one thing they encountered on a regular basis was the fact that it was nearly impossible to get a high resolution image of Carlos Matthew Soto. Even getting their hands on high quality video footage was next to impossible as well. In the above photos you can see two distinct beauty marks that are covered up with makeup. These marks are very dark and are difficult to keep completely covered.


Photo comparison between Carlos Matthew Soto and unknown subject #1.



After reading this amazing report, anyone who still believes the mainstream media lies truly needs to start asking a few questions. As for the media and members of the US government who are clearly complicit in these crimes, they need to face immediate prosecution. The closing of this report from the US Intelligence Information Center shares this.:

Based on the initial analysis contained in this preliminary report, we have found reasonable suspicion that a crime has in fact occurred, and the general public is not being told the truth by law enforcement or mainstream media.

The US Intelligence Information Center will continue to expand this investigation by continuing to analyze evidence as well as continuing to profile others who may be involved.

Read much  more of this amazing report on The Memory Hole Blog

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