Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Jungian War On Terror Comes Home: Old Shadows, New Enemies

 Say goodnight to the old bad guy, and make way for the new bad guy: The American Veteran. 

...The war on terror is coming home to America and the new bad guy is the former good guy: the American Veteran. Once honored for his bravery and self-sacrifice, the American Warrior is now disowned and despised by what is presumably his own government. The question is why? Let's drop the labels, ignore the media's false representations of returning veterans, and look at this clearly.

Veterans are being labeled "white supremacists," "mentally ill truthers," "mentally defective," "domestic terrorists," and "right-wing Tea Party radicals." But they are none of these things. They are patriots. The scapegoating of American veterans must end. For a society and a government to scapegoat its own warriors who risk their lives for the safety of the weak is the lowest crime imaginable.

If we mindlessly accept the validity of the totalitarian labels that are being used to scapegoat veterans then it becomes easier to justify our silence when they are illegally taken away to psych wards for exercising their free speech.

 We have to admit to ourselves that it is bizarre that the warriors who were tasked with destroying the old bad guys (Al-Qaeda, Muslims) are now classified as the new bad guys who must be vanished from the tribe and extinguished. This shocking turn of events should make us question the foundations of not just the criminal war on terror, but of our own fragile psyches, which can be so easily manipulated by politicians, bureaucracies, and the modern mass press.

The warriors who are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq deserve praise and gratitude, but they're not getting it. Instead, they are being received with a cold shoulder and treated like a disease by the press, the government, and society at large. This is not healthy nor honourable behaviour.
 Why are people so fickle? The U.S. government is turning heroic defenders into domestic terrorists almost overnight, and some people think it is morally correct to go along with this nonsensical narrative?  How can people disown others in their community who are a part of themselves, especially returning warriors, so quickly and thoughtlessly? This article tries to answer that painful question.

Article Continues The Excavator 

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