Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cop Shoots Retired U.S. Navy Veteran in Her Own Backyard

Jennifer Orey screenshot 082212
KGTV-TV reported that the Sheriffs Department subsequently issued a statement making her injuries sound relatively mild.

“The female was shot in the arm,” the report said. “She is in good condition and expected to be released from the hospital today.”

(Maybe that's what officer Berhalter wrote in his report, but that doesn't make it true.)

“The bullet went through her left breast, through the bottom, going right through her nipple, into her bicep, and then out her pinky,” Morgan said. She is currently in stable condition and expected to recover.

Officer Berhalter offered this heartfelt apology:

‘Well, I’m sorry, you startled me.’



billy pilgrim said...

they should do more than own up and admit responsibility! i hope she gets a huge settlement.

i haven't heard obumble say that if he had a 36 year old daughter she'd look like the victim.

texlahoma said...

Billy - I hope she does too.

Good point!

I hear Biden is going to Tampa during the Rep convention, that makes ME smell a rat, I guess we'll see what they're up to.

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