Thursday, August 09, 2012

How to Disappear Completely - A Short Film About Dustification


Bob said...

The WTC buildings were a unique design with those exterior vertical supports from bottom to top. They also had a support core in the center in which the elevators operated.

It was intentionally designed that way to give renters very large spaces with no support posts in the way everywhere, a typical problem with every other highrise building on the planet.

In between the core and the outer verticals was nothing but concrete floors. Acres and acres of concrete floors, supported in only two places - the core and the outer walls.

It's those concrete floors that turned to dust. You can even see that in the video, huge flat slabs of concrete disintegrating as they fell.

As for the steel supports? They accounted for every last one of them. They didn't do anything but go straight down and pile up.

Mr. Shife said...

I wish I could watch more of your video texlahoma because I always enjoy seeing the stuff you post even though it scares me half of the time. Anyway I was working at a large newspaper when 9/11 occurred and I must have worked 20 hours a day for about a week. The emotional toll of seeing the stuff I saw while I was putting together a paper was hard. I came home and cried every night because of the images and the words that we edited. I know many, many people suffered greatly compared to what I went through so I feel pathetic for complaining but it is just hard for me to see those images again.

texlahoma said...

Mr. Shife - I swear, sometimes I wish there were a special path on my blog that could take you to a kinder place. Sometimes I want to protect you from what I believe is the truth.
Ha! I guess that sounds like I know something, I don't.

texlahoma said...

Bob - Ok, I know how you like to investigate things.
Indulge me here, my friend, or at least my blogger buddy, what about Bld 7? What happened there?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

There were two weeks prior to the "attack" when security cameras were turned off. One theory is that demolition charges were planted during this time, as the entire incident bares striking resenblance to a controlled demolition, the smoke being a combination of concrete & drywall dust (disintegrated by the charges.

Bob said...

For me, the jury is still out about building seven.

However, having watched the Discovery Channel(and others) about these folks that take down buildings for a living, I am always impressed how much highly visible work is required to prepare the building to collapse.

They have to tear out the walls around every vertical support beam in order to place those shaped charges that will slice the beams in two. They remove literally truckloads of debris while doing this. Then they have to run what seems miles of detonation cord all throughout the area to detonate those charges which are all carefully timed to explode in a programmed sequence.

How could they have done all that in an occupied building and nobody noticed?

The simple answer to that is that they closed down the floor they were wiring for detonation, removed all the debris on a freight elevator that only they could use, and trucked it all away in closed garbage trucks from a sealed off area in the basement.

Any noise, unusual materials or unusual activity could be easily explained away to the occupants of the building as new office construction.

Doing it would be be simple but certainly not foolproof. You would need a surefire way to keep the planners and the workers who did it all silent forever, since someone almost always talks later.

Maybe the entire detonation crew was consisted of Muslim fanatics that willingly perished in the building seven basement when it collpased, holding hands in a circle and yelling "ALLAH AKBAR!" as all the buildings came crashing down around their ears.

But why? To actually plan the destruction of a major downtwon New York building where there are always many people in or around - just for insurance or mortgage relief - is mind-boggling and beyond my ability to accept. At least at this present time.

They could evacuate the building and surrounding area with a "bomb scare" then blow the place, but it would be beyond obvious how the building was destroyed. Heads would roll.

For them to wait for an airplane to hit an adjacent building like one of the Towers would mean they were totally involved in the entire plot, four planes, four seperate targets, all the crews trained and prepared to die, and for what?

Just to destroy building seven?

For me, the pieces do not yet add up.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Not an unrelated aspect to this covered in Zeitgeist, is the OMFR Khazakh that bought WTC two months before the "attack" insured them for several tens of billions of dollars!

texlahoma said...

Galt - I agree with you. Remember that fire fighter that was describing the blasts? Explosions like in a demolition.

Bob - Here's what I think, they had bld 7 pre-wired (even though it was hard to do without detection) another plane was suppose to hit it but something went wrong so (as Larry Silverstein said)
"They decided to pull it."

Oh, Bob also check out the news services that announced that bld 7 had fallen BEFORE it happened. One even has it in the background live shot with it falling after they say it fell. I think that one will be hard to explain.

texlahoma said...

I guess I'm outed now, yep I'm a Truther.

Bob said...

A Thruther?

LOL... small potatoes to admit that nowadays...

I'm an AMERICAN that believes in Constitutional gopvernment. That's a lot more dangerous and radical to say.

That purs me on more watch lists that "Truther" ever could. :)

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