Friday, August 31, 2012

Four years later, America is NOT better off under Obama

The next time an O-bot tries to tell you that America is somehow better off than we were four years ago, ask them about this:
Obama FAIL facepalmNational Debt 2008: $10.7 trillion
National Debt 2012: $15.9 trillion
Unemployment 2008: 7.8%
Unemployment 2012: 8.3%
Gas prices 2008: $1.78/gal
Gas prices 2012: $3.80/gal
Inflation rate 2008: 0.1%
Inflation rate 2012: 1.4%
America’s Credit Rating 2008: AAA
America’s Credit Rating 2012: AA+
Avg. family heath insurance premium 2008: $12,680
Avg. family heath insurance premium 2012: $20,000+
Food stamp recipients 2008: 28 million
Food stamp recipients 2012: 46 million
And all of the bad news above doesn’t even take into account the four years of divisiveness and tyranny that have been the hallmarks of the Obama administration.
We are far worse off as a nation after Obama’s term in office, and the American people know it for a wide variety of reasons.

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billy pilgrim said...

i think most nations on the planet are worse off now than 4 years ago. it's a global transfer of wealth and it's showing no signs of ending.

texlahoma said...

Billy - I think just about anyone of normal intelligence could have done a much better job as president, I think Obama must be trying to destroy the U.S.

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