Friday, August 17, 2012

Obamas Nuclear False Flag Event Date Is 9/30 Revealed By History TV

Thursday, August 16, 2012 22:10

The next false flag event on US soil has already been made public. The day will be 9/30 2012. A nuclear detonation in Washington DC by al Qaeda (codename for CIA terrorist operations against the US). This false flag event is the pretext to martial law in the US. Why 9/30? Obama will not be reelected. Americans will not be fooled again.
History TV was chosen by Obama to vividly announce the date of his coronation as supreme leader of the United States of America. History TV gives Americans a firsthand look at what will happen when a nuclear bomb is exploded in the heart of Washington, D.C. on September 30, 2012. With shockingly realistic dramatizations,

DAY AFTER DISASTER puts you in the line of fire to experience the consequences of nuclear fallout from the moment of detonation to 24 hours afterward. Focusing on the administration’s controversial Continuity of Government program (COG) HISTORY was conscripted to give Americans a taste of what is to come and how the US government plans to impose martial law in the US.
The Department of Homeland Security will assume command and armed control over the United States in the aftermath of this false flag event. This military operation against the US people was the reason for the DHS ordering 650 million high powered hollow point 40 cal bullets – 2 for every US man, women and child. The DHS has also placed a massive order for various other ammunitions.

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TripleC said...

Watch this, it kind of goes along with what this is about. I think he says October, though.

Anonymous said...

Henry Kissinger said that 44 is President Obama would be the last to be prepared for what was planned in the U.S. and I think if it will happen, will not be able to re-elect and will make the false flag attack to suspend elections and make martial law

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