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Iraq War vet faces 10 years in prison after photographing police

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(RT)   A 34-year-old Iraqi War veteran is facing ten years behind bars after photographing police officers in Austin, Texas that he says were mistreating a woman during a routine arrest on New Year’s Eve.
Antonio Buehler was pumping gas on December 31, 2011 when he witnessed officers with the Austin Police Department attempt to detain a woman under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol at a fueling station. By the end of the evening, though, Buehler also found himself being apprehended by authorities.

...“I saw a woman getting assaulted by the police. It looked like police abuse, and I decided to speak up and take pictures. I think that is every person’s right,” Buehler told Austin’s KVUE News earlier this year.
 “These cops assaulted a woman who had committed no crime, and then levied three false charges against her. Antonio Buehler committed no crime, and that they then levied two false charges against him, one being a felony that carries a sentence of 2-10 years in prison that this cop deliberately lied in his affidavit to destroy Antonio Buehler life for not kissing his ass,” reads a plea on the petition page.
Police Brutality

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Bob said...

The woman was stupid.

The woman did just about everything wrong she could do.

When the cops have you by both arms and are dragging you to the back seat of their cruiser, that is not the time to yell, kick, shout obsenities and fight back.

Fight back in court, cost them their jobs and retirement. That's the way to combat police abuse.

New rules for the near future(to stay out of their FEMA camps):

-1) Stay below their radar. Do nothing to attract attention.

-2) If stopped by one of these enforcers, say and do nothing that will trigger their animosity and vitriol. Do not be loud, argumentive and challenging.

-3) if you have video proof of abuse, take it to court, not to the sidewalk.

-4) Want to get even? Want revenge? Bad idea. If you really want to take the system on,(another really bad idea right now) See -3) above.

Their day will come. Believe it. In the meantime, you don't need to go put your head on the chopping block. Let the hotheads and rioters fill up the bunks in those nice new FEMA barracks.

Those FRMA camps are custom made for people just like her. Sad, but true.

Don't make the authorities believe you belong in a FEMA camp.

Be cool. Stay low. You are outnumbered and outgunned, and you will be useless to the Republic behind a double row of guarded fence.

The guy with the video? He was also stupid. There are ways to post such things without it pointing straight back to you.

I don't suppose he was stupid, callng him that is unfair.

He was just another average citizen - one totally oblivious to our now established police state - that witnessed police abuse and believed he was doing his duty.

Now he knows better.

Don't be like him.

-2) See -1) above.

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