Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fast And Furious (Update)

The count is now up to 129 Congressmen and 5 Senators demanding the resignation of the US Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Fast and Furious (Gunwalker) was the ill-concieved 2009 operation where guns were allowed to be purchased by Mexican drug cartels from gun dealers in Arizona and transported across the boarder. The operation was created by “unknown” US government officials as a ruse to dupe citizens into believing that the 2nd. Amendment was the major cause for illegal guns finding their way into illegal hands and, therefore, the 2nd. Amendment needed to be eliminated.

Congressional hearings, led by Congressman Issa, have been continuing for over a year with no results. Eric Holder has stonewalled the hearings by refusing to provide government documents dealing with 13 of the 22 charges and has only provided 8000 highly redacted documents dealing with the other nine. Obama has been uncharacteristically silent on the issue.

The Main Stream Media has also remained silent and as a result, few people even know of this scandal hanging over the Obama presidency, waiting to implode.

House Speaker Boehner, who evidently has the final say in whether or not Holder is held in contempt of Congress, has refused to allow his fellow Republicans to file contempt charges. Many are wondering what the Obama people have over Boehner that makes him so reticent.


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