Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Miami Zombie Attack Prank!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that is genius!

texlahoma said...

NWO - A good way to get shot though.

Anonymous said...

Very true. I remember an episode of 'Scare Tactics' (Psycho Hitchhiker) where this guy in the front passenger seat was pretending to be a crazy guy with a knife. The victim of the prank in the back seat didn't take kindly to seeing the driver get knifed so he starts pummeling the prankster with his fists. In that same video when things just started to get creepy you could hear the victim of the prank lamenting that he didn't bring his knife. If he had, I have no doubt he would have used it. Fight or flight is no joke, I think too many times people don't consider the fact that their are fighters mixed amongst flighters.

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