Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Revolver Map Question -Why No City Name?

I don't know much about the Revolver map, but I know that about 99% of the time it shows a city name.
It is really fun to look and see the names of different cities with people looking at this blog.

Obviously not my map, way too many hits.

There is one place that looks at it quite often, that has no name, just a U.S. flag.
It's hard to tell by location, looks like maybe around St Louis, MO but I'm not sure.
So finally I get to the point, why no city name?
Anybody know?
Anybody want to make a guess?


billy pilgrim said...

happy father's day tex! did bob give you his favorite bone?

texlahoma said...

Billy - Thanks. No, but he would at least share it. We slept in the same bed last night, grand kids, sleeping arrangements, all that. Luckily he didn't have gas!

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