Monday, June 18, 2012

The Biggest Spender: Obama Has Spent More Money Than Anyone In History of World

by Tony Lee

It’s official. President Barack Obama is the biggest spender in the history of the world. And that is not hyperbole. Like a shopaholic who denies the addiction, Obama has consistently been in denial about his reckless spending addiction. Despite President Barack Obama’s denials, though, an analysis by Forbes shows there has not been a greater spender than Obama.


billy pilgrim said...

i read an article today about the great depression we're in now. in the thirties people lined up for for food putting a face on the depression but now it's all electronic transfers from the government so we can't really see the depth of misery.

but here's the big part, under obumble the percent of household income coming from the government is up to 22%! it was in the mid teens before obumble took over.

total social engineering!

texlahoma said...

Billy - Good point, it's all out of the public eye now days.

The gov seems to want everyone to be dependent on them. Makes controlling them easier.

Don't want your vaccine?
No food for you!

That would also explain swat team raids on health food stores and Amish people selling milk and the harassment of roadside vegetable and fruit stands.

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