Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does the Australian Government Want to Make Real Living Zombies Out of the Next Generation?

By Catherine J. Frompovich | June 13th, 2012

 Medical professionals in Australia want your child drugged and fully vaccinated (vaccines are also drugs)

As if compulsory vaccinations were not sufficient for government officials seeking to try to keep younger generations from contracting various diseases, a new plan has reared its ridiculous head in Australia.  It’s the “Healthy Kids Check,” starting July 1, 2012, that will evaluate children as young as three-year-old toddlers for early signs of mental illness.  What?
According to Australian government officials, if a toddler
sleeps with the light on, has temper tantrums, or is shy, [1]
your little one may be experiencing lifestyle risk factors that probably will mandate their taking psychotropic drugs—that’s in addition to all the vaccines that children are mandated to take in Australia.
Furthermore, pediatricians and family physicians will be required to ask parents questions about three-year-olds’ eating and toilet habits, plus the child’s behavior and mood.  It seems as if a formula of chronic nosiness or intrusion on big brother’s part is setting in for the total control of our lives starting with each new generation.
Here’s the honest-to-goodness scary part, I think:
 [Physicians] will most likely end up prescribing antipsychotic medicines to 3-year-old children who are not technically suffering from any formal mental illness, but are simply showing signs of normal behaviour [sic]. [1]
Does the Australian government want to make real living zombies out of the next generation?  How can a three-year-old brain and body deal with all the neurotoxins from vaccines AND psychotropic drug chemicals that will be crossing the blood brain barrier?  From what I know of body chemistry and pharmacology, Australia needs to get ready for a totally incapacitated and non-functional generation of children and adults.  This is so patently ridiculous that it defies logic. But Australia is not unique!

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