Sunday, January 01, 2012

If you can look at our country with some detachment - I think it helps to see it more clearly

"What about this country?"

"I've seen images of them torturing people in Abu Ghraib and of their helicopters gunning down civilians in Iraq."

"Do all the people there like to murder and torture?"

("No, hardly any of them.")

"Hmmm...why were they in this foreign land anyway?"

("To find weapons of mass destruction.")

"Do they not have weapons of mass destruction?"

("Yes they do, very many.")

"Hmmm...yet they kill and torture people from another land for having WMDs?"

("Yes and no, it turns out that Iraq had no WMDs.")

"So they tortured and killed people from another land for having something that they didn't have?"

("Now you're getting the picture.")

"Are most of the people for this?"

("No, they even tried to stop this kind of thing by electing another leader, one they hoped would bring peace.")

"Did he bring peace?"

("It is complicated, but the answer is no.")

"Who will the people select for their new leader?"

("That remains to be seen, they can pick the current leader.")

"The one who did not bring peace?"

("Yes, or they may choose another.")

"Do any of the others promise to bring peace?"

("Yes, but just one.")


"I hear these people were once very free and had many rights but now I see images of them being sexually assaulted in airports and being beaten by the enforcers, what changed?"

("They lived for over two hundred years with a constitution and a bill of rights, two documents that kept them free.")

"Do any of the people who want to lead the country wish to restore the freedoms that the two documents give?"

("Yes, but just one.")

"Hmmm... don't tell me that it is the same one that wants to bring peace."

("Yes, it is.")

"I think the people should choose him as their new leader."

"What is his name?"

("Ron Paul.")

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