Monday, January 23, 2012

Bob and I Still Stink

Last night Bob and I went for a walk, up into the dark part of the yard, were the street light doesn't shine.
Bob, a Pitbull-Mastiff, can really lunge while on a leash.
I've got him trained to respond to very subtle pulls to stop or change directions, he's a complete gentleman 99% of the time.
Last night we saw the 1%, we were up there in the dark part of the yard, when suddenly, Bob lunged.
It takes me a few seconds for me to stop him when he does that, because he nearly jerks me off of my feet.
Bob was lunging at a skunk and I was way too slow to stop him and the skunk sprayed Bob's face.
I was able to turn away, so I got it mostly on my side and back.


Clothes and towels all over the yard, the bathtub looks like a homicide scene, until upon further inspection the blood is actually tomato juice.
We smell better but to be honest, Bob and I still stink.


billy pilgrim said...

me and ruby feel your pain. it happened to us a few years ago.

who knew skunks were so fast on the trigger?

texlahoma said...

Billy - Bob has been on his best behavior since then and the skunk has kept a low profile. Maybe skunks are on edge because it's an election year.

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