Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ann "Legs" Curry

I was watching the Today Show this week and Ann curry was wearing a slit skirt, I was like "Wow!" "I never knew what fine legs she has."
I couldn't find the exact clip but at about 20 seconds in on this one she is wearing that same skirt.

I certainly wasn't the first to notice, there are plenty of videos on YouTube called "Ann Curry Sexy Legs".


Anonymous said...

From her trim ankles to her shapely calves and smooth luxurious knees up to her well-toned luscious thighs Ann Curry's long, silky smooth legs are gorgeous and sexually arousing.

Anonymous said...

I found a Yahoo Group with many pictures of the beautiful and sexy Ann Curry.

texlahoma said...

Anon - Thanks!

Heff said...

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII.....wanna see some inner thigh before I pass my final judgement, lol.

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